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Watch Boxes

Quick Overview

Retailers from across the globe are using specialized boxes for the selling of their products. To sell out an item as delicate as a watch, specialized rigid boxes are manufactured to hold the item. Depending on the material of the watch, the box type is selected from the list of boxes that are used for this type of packaging. Sleeve boxes, shoulder boxes, and rigid display boxes are a preferred choice for Watch Boxes in the market. All these boxes are made out of hardboard or thick cardboard so that the container can maintain its shape while going through the straining process of shipment. Starting from the thickness of about 1.5mm the density can range up to 3mm as per the requirement of the company in charge of manufacturing. Most boxes come with a round holder around which the watch is wrapped. This keeps the item from moving around in the box and getting damaged before it can reach the customer.

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Product Description

Latest Production Technology: To Deliver Quality Watch Boxes

Try out new ways to shine in the market. Clients can bring their own unique ideas to us which we make sure to bring to reality. If our customers need any suggestions or guidelines while designing their package, our design team will be more than willing to help out. The skill and knowledge of our design engineers come free of cost for everyone who is seeking their expertise. We believe that working together can end in the creation of Luxury watch boxes that are comfortable for both the retailer and the buyer. Creation of customized boxes is made easy by the introduction of many gratifying coloring techniques. These techniques not only give glamor to the box but produce a container with high coloring quality. Colors of the package become a significant part of marketing as a box with dithered pictures, or artwork will lose all its charm in the eyes of the buyer.

Customization and Finishing of Watch Boxes

Some of the ways to produce a customized watch box are choosing from the multiple options of laminations and foiling for the covering of the box. Using these techniques bring out a new look of the box and make it visible in the market. Opting for embossing and debossing styles for logo printing give it a unique touch thus making it a stylish and presentable. Embossing technique is used to carve the logo inwards of the cardboard while debossing, on the other hand, emerges the brand credentials on the covering. These are attractive ways to inspire a customer. For printing any information regarding the product, ultraviolet rays can be used. Our state-of-the-art spot UV technology ensures that the printing is done in a good manner and does not spoil the package. To make the watches visible to the customer as they are displayed on the shelves in the market, it gets essential to protect them as well. For this, one of the preferred techniques is using window packaging in the creation of the box. This way a small place can be cut out in the box to make the item presentable without actually exposing it to dust and other harmful particles in the air. A Watch box personalized is these the above-mentioned ways becomes a good depiction of the modernized thinking of the clients’ company and portrays their image well in the market.

Get Custom Printed Watch Boxes in Different Shape and Sizes

As all watches are different in size and shape, it is necessary that the watch boxes fit with the dimensions of them. Therefore die-cut boxes are introduced to make the presentation of the watch worthy of the market standards. The list best watch boxes USA contains the names of the brands which are using all the mentioned techniques in their own customized ways. Our clients can get profited from understanding the needs of the current market and coming up with refreshing designs that can leave a mark in history.

Buy Luxury Watch Boxes at Wholesale

Being the leading name in the production of luxury watch boxes gives us an edge in producing the right quality of the packages. We understand the needs of the customer and thus we are determined to provide nothing but the best to our clients. Starting with 100 boxes in the requested order, we produce wholesale boxes at reasonable prices for the clients. Even though each box is made from a unique plate, customers are not charged for those plates. Reducing the costs, even more, is made possible with excluding the die-cut charges.

The clients can get their luxury watch packaging as quickly as they want. Our rush delivery service is readily available for the clients to avail. In normal circumstances, it takes about 4-6 business days from the day of the order being placed.

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