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Header Card

Quick Overview

These days, attractive packaging is more important than product specifications. Bringing unique, appealing and easy to open packaging styles in your business is a key to enhance growth. The Header cards is an essential part of any kind of business.

Along with other packaging solutions, The Header Card is considered to be the most used and efficient packaging solution that also benefits in advertising purposes as well. These uniquely designed cards feature two-glued panels that come with a hanging hole spotted on the upper area of the card for hanging objects. This packaging solution is very affordable, environment-friendly and elegant. They are customizable into any design, shape, color, and size. Due to their dimensions, these cards are easily stored. Ideal packaging for advertising the brand and displaying the product to its fullest. These cards are manufactured initially in a flat form with complete designing. They are the most comfortable packaging to assemble from flap shape into the desired shape. Following are the two steps for mounting the cards.

Step one: lay down flat un-glued carton.

Step two: Folded two panels meet each other.

Their easy assembling, storing, handling and numerous features make them the most used packaging solutions by the retailers.

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Product Description

Small Packaging – Immense Designing:

By its size, it is considered to be the smallest packaging solution for your products. It lets the consumer see what he is purchasing. Your Designed Header cards are your packaging solutions plus the advertiser. These cards help in letting people know about you. You can write your brand’s name and product information in eye-catching fonts and vibrant tints to make your consumers know who you are. You can give your card a pattern design that explains the product’s nature without any description. For example, if you are using this packaging for cosmetic purposes apply vivid colors and a product image on the card to add value to your product. For toy packing purpose apply light colors and an animated toy image to protuberant your product. For designing the packaging for food items, mention the ingredients used in making of the food. The purchaser wants to recognize what they are eating. This packaging is designed to protect your items from dust and other hazardous pollutants. For the finishing, select the matte finishing to make your card extraordinary and gloss finish to give your product an elegant and sleek look.

Printing says a lot about the product! Select your desired printing option to have your own Printed header card. You are offered to choose between offset, screens, digital, ink, embossing, debossing or no printing at all. Furthermore, you can give your card a touch of gold, silver or copper foiling.

Adorable Customization:

We want to see you grow! That is why we at allows you to make changes and create your own Customized Header Cards. According to the product size, select the dimension of your card. You can customize your card in any size, shape, color, and design. Select the appropriate material for your card such as corrugated, Kraft Box or card box. We can make your desired packaging fit in your budget. We are known for our accuracy in making custom packaging just according to our clients’ desire.

About us!

Our tremendous services and responsive staff gives us the reward of earning the trust of our consumers. We take charge of delivering quality packaging solutions at very economical prices. When ordered in wholesale we offer free shipping all around the world. We do not charge for die cuts and print palates. In case of an emergency we have the most advanced shipping solutions. We offer the lowest expedite shipping charges as compared to other companies.

We use the most excellent material in the manufacturing of packaging products to protect your items from damage and breakage. We do not apply economical methods to lift our reputation, we provide outstanding and quality products. Our professionals are working dedicatedly in preparation for your orders. Our expert designers are capable of bringing your imagination into reality. No matter what you think of, they can bring your idea on the outer layer of your box.  Our customer representatives are available around the clock and will be more than happy to assist you. We have got everything covered. Every step of our manufacturing procedure is synchronized with our deadline schedule. We often dispatch your order before the promised date.

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