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Square Box With Ladder Top

Quick Overview

A Square box with ladder top  is used primarily for takeaway foods. You might have seen those in Chinese food trucks. It consists of two bodies attached together to make one package. The lower structure is a square box with a separate box like structure on the top with angled sides. The size and shape may vary depending upon the utility of these boxes. Eco friendly Kraft paper, cardstock, bux board and corrugated papers can be used to make these boxes. Die cutting and perforation are part of the process that shapes these custom square boxes with ladder tops.  Scoring is applied to increase the ease. Gluing is applied when needed. The coating of the surface can either be matte, gloss or Spot UV. The texting is added through gold or silver foiling. Embossing and debossing techniques along with several more combine to form a complete range of options for your products that are looking to get some new threads and casings over them.

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Product Description

Urban? Earthy? Or both?

There are countless ideas that you can integrate in to your designs. Finding the right balance is often difficult but that is exactly we are here to do. Our designers here at printingcircle will help you find your way around designs and a cluster of ideas. If you feel that there is a tall task at hand and if you are finding it difficult to map out your ideas in a clear manner then our experienced designers can help you to map them out. This is something only experience can achieve. Designing can be a very personalized matter and some people experience difficulties when they are trying to finalize upon a style or a specific set of color schemes. This is something that requires a patient and detailed approach. Our free design support has been constructed in a way that all the clients feel accommodated and catered to. We invest our time and finances with hopes of acquiring the best people at their crafts. The color schemes, in some cases represent the company vision. What we try to achieve is that we can guide people who are trying to come up with something for their designs. Sometimes customers approach us with pre-existing knowledge of the whole designing process.

Get amazing designs 

Customers are presented with a huge library of designing options. They can opt for glossy finish which has its own sets of pros and cons and then there is matte coating that is quite popular also. Spot UV is another type of coating that really stands out if used in the right way. Square box with ladder top are usually seen with quite an urban look to them. If they are carrying a scented candle or a cosmetic items, chances are they are quite attractive unless the cosmetic packaged in them is made from herbal ingredients, then there is a possibility that the face of the box represents an earthy quality. 

Let’s get them printed

The printing starts after the designing has been finalized. There are mock ups conducted in the beginning so that if there are any changes to be made they can be incorporated into the printing before the process takes off. If the mock ups are okay and they are green lit by the client, production starts at mass scale so that the delivery is right on time. To keep the process glitch free, our operations have been designed and streamlined in the most professional way. We cannot stress enough over the importance of ecofriendly materials and products and that is exactly what we do. Our materials are cleared for use beforehand and have to go through quality assurance every time.  From start to finish, we have either replaced the harmful chemicals and packaging materials or minimized the use of such materials. We consider ourselves a very active entity that is against the use of such materials and we have made great strides in this regard since the past few years. Our R&D works to find the best possible green packaging solutions for you.Nicely printed square boxes with ladder tops can be a good addition in your lineup.

We deal in boxes and smiles

We prefer to have an approach that is as hands-on as possible. There are many types of customers but if there is one thing that is similar in all of them, it is if they feel accommodated though our conduct and quality, they will come back for more. That is what we do day and day out. We offer free shipping services with a turnaround time of 10- 12 business days.

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