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Luxury Soap Boxes

Quick Overview

Being one of the majorly consumed cosmetics product, soaps are being used as gift items too. Many brands are manufacturing soaps that are highly elegant looking and refreshing in their fragrances. These need to be presented and sold in boxes that can enhance their beauty and compel a customer to buy them. Packages like tuck end, sleeve box, and cigar style box are commonly used luxury soap boxes. These containers come in rigid and corrugated boxing styles. The soap canisters are made from recycled cardboard or paperboard. The choice of material determines the thickness of the box. Considering the above-mentioned materials, it can be analysed that the density lies somewhere between 1.5mm to 3mm. Many accessories related to soap are also packed in the box, so the size of the box depends on the number of items that are to be carried in it.

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Product Description

Design the box

Clients who are looking for innovative ways to design their boxes can approach our design team for guidance. By focusing on some of the most highlighted techniques in package production, we manufacture soap packaging boxes with care and concentration. As our ultimate purpose is the happiness and satisfaction of the client, we go beyond limits to produce an item that seems worthy to the client.

With a diverse range of companies, the possibility of an even larger pool of ideas is generated. The idea behind each newly created package is to make it different from the ones already present in the market. This will make the new box recognizable and end up marketing the brand which is producing it. To aid the creation of these custom soap boxes, we have incorporated many state-of-the-art means of production. Latest technologies namely offset, screen and digital are being used at our production houses to bring good quality products to our clients. Offset printing is standard day-to-day printing that can enhance the beauty of the box by printing good quality designs. Screen printing uses screens or cut-outs to sketch images on the package. Digital printing uses computers to transfer the soft images to a hard form. These printing techniques are useful for the printing things that can explain the user about the qualities of the product or the instructions about how to use them. Company details can also be put on the Luxury Soap Boxes for the knowledge enhancement of the buyers. Pictures and designs that depict the soaps perfectly can be printed on the box to let the customer know about the product that they are going to buy. This will be more beneficial for them as they would be able to choose the best product that will align with their needs and requirements.

To beautify the box, our design team has gathered a few techniques to make the box distinguishable in the market. Even though some people might go for the product inside the box, it is also a possibility that good looking boxes will be used as gifts. These gifts become a source of goodwill and harmony among the parties at both ends of the exchange. Boxes for soap bars and other types of soaps can be festooned with the use of foiling or laminations. We offer matt and gloss laminations along with gold, silver, and copper foiling to be utilized by the clients in the designing process. The logos and company credentials can be either embossed or debossed in the box to represent the brand the customers are about to buy.

Soap boxes custom made is a good approach for the clients to have a package that can best fit the dimension of the items that are to be sold.

The packaging is made in a way that can be a source of comfort for both the retailers and the end buyers. The give a sneak peek of the soap that is on the inside, window packaging or PVC can be used in the production of the box. Soap boxes with window serve the basic idea of personalization. The client can cater to the needs of the general public in ways that no one else is.

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All of our designing ways can be introduced in the package creation process. If any help is required, our design team is available 24 hours to figure out a way to solve the designing issues. These services come without any charges. At final nods from the clients, we also display the design via physical sampling, if the request is made.

A box can be used for many purposes and we make boxes for all these purposes for our esteemed clients. We use biodegradable material to make these decorative soap gift boxes to protect environmental rights.

With free shipping and no plate/die-cut charges, our soap storage box reaches the set destination within the agreed time.

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