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Fold & Assemble

Fold & Assemble

Fold and Assemble

These containers are best for your packaging needs that have to be shipped a long way. As the name suggests, they are shipped flat so that when needed, they can be easily fold and assembled into the desired shape. These special boxes are manufactured from the best material and cut on the high-class die-cutting equipment that provides outclass results. They can be made into a box with one to two simple steps to get the required shapes. They are exemplary for their storage and securing features. Customize them according to your brand specifications in their shape, size, and style. They are economical for your business demand and can effectively market your product.

Strong durability:

When looking for the perfect combination of functional strength and durability for encapsulating your products, these cases are the best choice. They are reliable to use for your valuable belongings. Whether you want to use them for wrapping a gift or send them as a parcel to faraway places, they will never disappoint for any reason. Forget about the bursting of the cartons during the hardships of shipping as they are made up of high-quality materials that can bear external forces during transportation.


The material itself speaks if it is of good quality and thus adequately preserves your items. They have manufactured out of high-quality material, mostly cardboard, E-Kraft, and corrugated stock. They can be recycled and come with the biodegradable feature as well. The manufacturers take care of the consumers and as well as the environment while making these cases.

Design with beautiful embellishments:

These receptacles are efficient enough to pack gifts and confectionaries as well. Whether there is a birthday party, baby shower, or any other function, they can provide you the best opportunity for packing anything. As these packaging boxes can use them to send cakes and sweets, you can decorate them to increase the outlook of the gifts. They can be printed with beautiful colors according to the theme of the event. These boxes can embellish with silk ribbons, badges, and stickers to make them look more eye-catching and attractive. Such add-ons can make your gifts stand out among others. They are convenient to use and handled safely.


They can be used to carry different products, so they are made by professional designers and observed from all aspects. These cartons are available at highly reasonable prices. At, you can order these boxes from 100 to larger quantities at more competitive prices than the market. They are cost-effective and save your time as the laborers can assemble them without using heavy machinery. We work hard to provide quality and trusted experience to our clients. Your wholesale orders are entertained with favorable discounts such as no die-cut charges and free shipping at your doors.