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Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap Lock

Quick Overview

If your items require extreme and comprehensive coverage and protection from dust and environmental residue then tuck with bellow dust flap lock boxes should be your number one choice for their packaging. These type of boxes are almost similar to the straight tuck end boxes. They have locks on both the bottom and the top. It comprises a double layered dust flap that strengthens the point of closure or the closure panel. These types of boxes are completely customizable according to the requirements of the customer or the necessity of the product that is to be packaged inside of them. They are shipped in flat form and can be reassembled with ease after delivery which gives them an extra credit of being space saving and conveniently transportable. Additional embellishing elements of die cuts, embossing, raised inks and PVC window panels can smartly make your boxes outshine the rest in the market.

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Product Description

Packaging and Promotion,

Product encasement has for quite some time been considered as a standout amongst the most amazing assets for product promotion. With regards to quality packaging arrangements that can stand the trial of time and evolving patterns, you simply cannot go wrong if you turn to Environmentally susceptible items require efficient promotion on their packaging in such a way that the customers would not feel the need to actually open the box and look inside to have a clear view of the actual product. Printed tuck with bellow dust flap lock boxes give them an opportunity to get a comprehensive and complete overview of the encased product without bringing it into contact with the environmental hazard. Printed dust flap boxes manufactured by have that exhaustive precision that is required to effectively portray the packaged product in the market so that not only the product is effectively publicized but the related brand is also efficiently promoted.

Customize to mesmerize,

Experts at believe in keeping up with the latest trends of the market, and in market variation is the basic mantra for sales and promotion. Our Custom tuck with bellow dust flap lock boxes are well known for their adaptive capabilities. Whatever may be the size or dimensions of your product we make sure that an appropriately customized box is provided for your product that is exclusively compatible with all of its requirements regarding size, security, durability and strength. Customization is not only applicable in terms of sizes and dimensions, additional supportive measures can also be applied effectively inside the boxes such as support cushions, sleeves and inserts to provide that extra edge of security to products wherever or whenever they are in need of it.

Cost effective packaging

At it is all about customer convenience, we provide top notch printing solutions to our valued customers at affordable rates that are completely justified when it comes to the level of perfection that we offer. With a minimum of 100 items per order, your order is shipped to your doorsteps with no additional charges at all. No plate charges are thrown upon the clients and you can have as many die cuts in your desired packaging product, you will not be charged anything for them.

Service with a Smile:

A hundred percent customer satisfaction is what our organization essentially aims at. We take pride in our ever growing database of extremely satisfied and happy clientage. Innovation and progress is what drives our organization to deliver the very best products in the market that are manufactured with the implication of latest printing techniques. We apply the most appropriate method of printing to your product, be it, offset digital or screen printing, to give out the best ever result that you could wish for.

Different color schemes

The color schemes of your packaging product are also imprinted via application of the most suitable color schemes whether they be CMYK or PMS. We offer the lowest rates when it comes to delivering wholesale boxes. Conservation of time is the ultimate requirement for any person in this fast paced environment. We understand the necessities of our clients and make our very best efforts to deliver their desired products within a minimum time frame. However, if our client is really short of time, we offer expedite delivery services with minimal charges that can get their desired products in their hands within 4 to 6 business days.

Unique designs for your packaging products

Designing a packaging product can be a tiresome ordeal at times, our expert team of designers make sure to take the burden off your shoulders and come up with the most trending yet unique designs for your packaging products. We offer free 3D mock ups of your products with an unlimited number of free design revisions. So whatever your printing requirement may be, let be your companion all along.

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