How To Buy

If you are looking to place an order here, follow these steps:

• Create your account.

• Choose your order and mention its details in the given form.

• Add your order to the cart.

• Confirm your order by sending in payment. 

• Give your delivery details, and your order is placed.

There is an option on the top right corner of the page that says sign up if you do not have an account on or sign in if you already have an account. Signing up means creating a new account; it requires your name and e-mail address only. This is done so that you can connect to us.

After you are done signing up on, the next step is to choose your order. Pick anything you need and then appear a form on your screen that asks the details about your specific order requirements because all our products are customized. You choose what you are looking for.

Thirdly, you are supposed to add your order to the cart. The cart allows you to see what you are ordering, and you can also delete any mistakenly added product or in case you change your mind and want to skip something.

Lastly, go through your cart and confirm your order and pay for the order. We have safe payment methods to provide you ease. You can send in your payment through PayPal or Credit Card.

Once it is confirmed, your delivery details are asked. Provide your complete and accurate address and contact information and click "place the order" button and your order will be received. We will leave you a text message or an e-mail to notify your order's placement in a short time.

We have also figured a way for you if you feel the need to customize your order with further details. You can give us a call at our customer care contact number; +1 847 737 1777. You can drop any of your additional information at this number, and we assure you will not face any trouble when you receive your order.

A tracking number is sent to you as well. It helps you to track the location where your parcel has arrived, and in how much time it will be delivered to you. To use that tracking number, click on the option track your order on the top right corner. For any queries regarding your order or about us, you can e-mail us at or give us a call at our given number. Feel free to contact us if anything confuses you.