Q- What are your shipment details?

Once you have confirmed your order, it is delivered to you in 10 to 12 business days. If you require fast shipment, your parcel will be at doorsteps in 4 to 6 business days, but it will cost you small delivery charges.

Q- What kind of boxes do you make?

We manufacture all kinds of box packages on demand that includes rigid boxes and folding boxes as well. You can send us your reference too because our entire work is done on the customer's requirement. Die-cut boxes can also be ordered.

Q- What kind of printing you have?

We are offering digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing. 3D mockup or flat view, you get to choose for a demonstration of your project's final outlook. Highly skilled staff is taking care of the printing department. Embossing and debossing services are available.

Q- What file format is suitable for submitting the printing design?

PSD, PDF, and JPEG files are acceptable. We will convert them into PDF file as this is the preferred file format which works with virtually all professional printing and digital output devices.

Q- How would I be sure about the finished product appearance?

If we talk about printing, the result will appear to be the same as it appears on your screen. Otherwise, you can get the sample of your ordered packaging and printing with a small sampling fee.

Q- How would I pay for my order?

We have made the payment method easy and safe. You can send money through PayPal, Visa card, Master Card, or Check.

Q- In what areas do you deliver?

We are currently working in the USA and offering our customers free shipment, but our market is expanding among the UK, Canada, and Australia as well.

Q- I am looking for jewelry boxes, can you help?

Sure, we have a wide range of custom printed boxes. Choose the measurements, design, and quantity for your order placement. Do not worry about quality; we assure our products will make you come back for more.

Q- What are the prices?

Prices vary from order to order. For the details regarding charges, you can contact us at our e-mail info@printingcircle.com and visit our page to check the exclusive discounts and offers we are giving.

Q- How to place my order?

Simply sign up with us and choose your product. Then go to your cart and follow the instructions.