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Shipping and Mailing Labels

Quick Overview

Helping in the process of delivery, these excellent labels can be posted on the product that is being shipped. These tags are made from a thick material with a glossy finish that protects it from getting creases or scratches on the surface. Usually, the sizes of these shipping and Mailing Labels range from 1.5”x 2.5” to 9” x 12”. The correct size can be determined according to the need of the product. Any required shape can be cut out within these size limits but the most commonly preferred shapes are either a square or a rectangle. An added option to have these labels with rounded corners just adds flair to the beauty of the product being delivered. The peel off behind each tag makes it easier and mess-free to paste it on the top of the box. These shipping labels are printed in a refined quality so that the details entered on them do not wither away with time or during the shipment process.

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Product Description

Print it your way

To guide the package to its true destination, these labels are used by the companies on the packages that are ready to be sent out. These labels prove beneficial as by jotting down the names of the sender and the recipient along with the address details and any other information that is required, the clients can make sure that the package is not lost on the way. Multiple styles of labels can be printed by using the services of our company. Out of all the designs and styles that are being used at our production houses, we believe that one of our specialties is shipping labels Avery style. It is a good choice for companies who are keen to follow market standards.

Modern machinery with high technology standards is up and running at our remotely located factories. Fine quality labels are printed in wholesale for our customers. The production of the tags in bulk ensures that all the pieces are uniform in the design and condition. Mailing labels are printed using the machines with offset, digital and laser printing are helping in the process of printing the labels with the pattern and color that is requested by the client. To ensure that the color of the sticker is up to the mark, CMYK or PMS coloring schemes are used. The possibility of a requirement to have mailing labels clear and transparent might arise at any given moment so we make sure to handle this need efficiently.

Why us?

Teams at PrintingCircle are working tirelessly to make the printing process easier for the clients. Our design team makes sure that the customized label is fit the list of the requirements and is made as soon as possible. Our customers can have their tags printed by following mailing labels template designs. These templates are set on industry standards and save the valuable time and money of the clients.

By printing high-quality shipping and Mailing Labels, we are expecting to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Order today to receive your purchase within 4-6 business days.

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