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Fence Partitions

Quick Overview

Saving something and everything is the motto of everyone nowadays. People are looking to save money, time, resources, and everything in between. That is why saving space is also a critical point that is noticed when packaging is selected. Fence Partitions are walls that can be used in boxes that are customary to display items from the makeup shelves to counters near the cashiers in any retail store. They look like standard boxes from the outside, with their style changing according to the requirement. Flip lids, telescopic boxes, display boxes, and many other forms use these partitions to give more security to the products that are being shipped or displayed the walls are made according to the dimensions of the box that has to hold them. There are slits cut on specified places on every wall. The walls are then set up diagonally in such a way that the slits fix into each other and hold their position while making small chambers for the items to be held in.

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Product Description

Buy and Get Custom Design Ideas of Fence Partitions

The leading theory behind the creation of such walls was to display the items individually. As the demand for the item increases, the chances of new categorization also increases. These walls are introduced in the packages to show each category separately. Even if that is not the case, the holding of the item itself becomes more comfortable and more displayable. Shipping is a tough task, and there can be several mishaps, for the protection of the items, these walls are stood up in the box. Cosmetics, milk packs, makeup boxes, chocolate boxes, and several other categories of items can be held up in the box to make them easily accessible to the customers that are in the shopping store.

Printed Fence Partitions in Various Colors and Shapes

We use the latest coloring schemes like CMYK and PMS, along with other relevant ones to produce Printed Fence Partitions. The use of bright colors that are good in quality makes the product look fantastic from the inside as well. These walls need to be painted well so that the sliding of the product in time cannot mess up the color as there is a lot of friction produced in that action. These colors are printed on the walls with the use of correct technologies. Using either offset of digital printing can give a 2D print on the wall while screen printing uses stencils and cutouts to provide the walls with a new look. If the desire to even customize the walls with the logos or any other artwork is flaming in the hearts of our clients, we tend to honor it by decorating the walls with laminations, foiling, and spot UV technologies.

Custom Fence Partitions Made of Cardboard

The room between the walls is equal to the size of the item that is being sold. For this purpose only, the customization technique is introduced for these partitions. There are a lot of aspects that need to be focused upon in order to understand how a wall should be marked in order to make enough space for the items.  Custom Fence Partitions can be made up of different cardboard styles ranging from thin narrow walls too thick double-coated fences. The range depends on the type of product the box is particularly created for. For bulky items, thick walls are needed, while for lighter objects, thin-walled partitions in the boxes can also be used. The choice of wall type is also considered according to the way the box, in which the wall has to be installed, is going to be used. For retailing purposes, fashionable design can be implemented while for shipping reasons, there is no need to go the extra mile for the walls to be elegant.

Let us design and Print According To Your Requirements

Once the product is designed, you can have a sampling from our company to have a look at it. This will prevent errors from being made in the bulk or commercial production of the Fence partitions. Have your order ready and delivered to you in a short time span. You can also opt for our expedited service for the package walls to reach you faster. We want our clients to be happy with our services, join hands with us, and make our mission successful while having the best product for yourself.



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