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Two Piece

Quick Overview

Packaging of clothes, accessories, watches, jewellery items, key chains and other things of this kind is somewhat problematic for the companies. Because these things need a proper display in a way that the product is visible to the customers and remains safe at the same time. Two Piece packaging boxes are the right choice for all your packaging needs. The boxes are designed specifically to display the items in a safe and presentable way. They are made with high-class, biodegradable and reusable material. The cardboard used in manufacturing these boxes is sturdy and prevents bending of the items inside. These boxes not only give your product the perfect eye-catchy display but also ensure that the product inside them is safe from dirt, and bounces. They are ideal for displaying the product as well as cargo. Courier companies commonly use such type of box all over the world. They are liked because of their durability and security.

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Product Description

Get the correct size

Two Piece packaging boxes come in various sizes. The size of these boxes is 100 percent customizable. You can choose the dimensions of the boxes which is perfectly suitable for your product. A quality product displayed in a perfect size box attracts the customers more than anything else. If your product is of very quality yet, it is not appropriately packed it will ultimately lose the attention of the customers. The Custom Two-Piece boxes give you the freedom to pick the correct size and style of the packaging according to your needs.

Printing presents your brand

Printed Two Piece boxes give you an advantage of branding and marketing of your business. The company name, logo or the tag line printed on the box tells itself that there is a quality product inside which comes from a reliable manufacturer. The finishing of these boxes could be different like shiny, plain or spot UV. You can also select the colour of the box which is appropriate for and can for your product.

We at use standard printing material for your packaging solutions. We have modern equipment which not only ensures the quality printing but also make the process much faster. The wide range of printing styles gives you the liberty to pick the desired colour, style and type of printing. A specific method of printing becomes the identity of your brand, and the customers can identify the product quickly when it is placed with other products of the same kind.

No plate charges

If you have any unique design or printing style with you for your boxes, you can ask us to print it without any extra charges. But if you need any help in choosing the perfect design and style for your boxes, we at have an efficient and expert team of designers who would be pleased to assist you in this regard. Remember that there are no plate charges in choosing the desired printing style.

Variable designs

At we manufacture the Designed Two Piece box which fulfils your requirements. The inner lining of the box can also be customized with polka dots that provide an elegant and fashionable look to your product and promise the safety of it as well. The flat bottom plate of the box gives you more space to put a bigger item in it. On the other hand, the raised bottom plate gives your item especially clothes a prominent look.

Our team also powers the selection of design in such boxes. Our team will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time to get your packaging order on the right track.

Free doorstep delivery

We are offering free doorstep delivery around the world. The time taken for your order to be delivered is 10upto12working days. But you can get your order delivered any time sooner on paying very reasonable charges.

Customer satisfaction

At 100 percent customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our hard-working team starts working on completing your order at once, promptly after you are done with placing your order. At any step, while placing your order or after you are done with it, if you feel that you need any assistance, our team is always here to hear from you. We are sure that the printing experience you can get from us is the best in terms of quality, quantity, and pricing. 

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