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Shoe Boxes

Quick Overview

Many manufacturing companies are producing new styles of boxes every day. For many styles are customized every day to bring uniqueness to classical designs. Two commonly followed trends for shoebox creation are classic shoebox and clamshell box. Both these boxes are made out of cardboard or hard card thus making its structure resilient to the extreme pressure of certain force. Shoe boxes are sizable containers that are capable of holding items of various sizes in it. The top lid of the box is generally 1 inch deep and can be removed easily.

On the other hand, clamshell boxes are a form of foldable cartons that come with a lip that is an extended form of the base of the container. It folds twice to make the fourth wall, and then the rest becomes a lid that covers the box altogether. The packaging is usually 5 mm thick which protects the item carried in the case.

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Product Description

Design your own box

Thinking about an innovative design can be stressful and strenuous. To help our clients in these trying times, our designers have stepped forward to provide help via suggestions, tips, and reviews on the ideas that the clients have in their minds. Our firm offers this facility free of cost and encourages people to avail of this opportunity.The shoe boxes of cardboard material are the most commonly used type of boxes. Manufacturers are coming up with new ways to use the equipment, technologies and decoration materials at their disposal to create something that can leave a mark in history. The clients can make their packaging design according to the company theme, market category, and personal preference.

Used mostly in shoes retail stores, these boxes are linked to that genre in particular. But they can be used as DVD boxes, storage boxes, DIY recharge station, and many other ways. For this, it becomes significant that complete understanding of the market and the buyers is done to continue with the production process. We have many templates in our pantry that become Shoe boxes for sale for the people who need a blueprint for their design.

If the box is created from an artistic usage point of view, then it is only seeming that it should have an elegant and creative look. Foiling, laminations and other decoration techniques can be used to produce the shoe boxes that can be worthy in the eyes of the creative mind that is going to use the box.

To have the box attached to a particular brand name, it is necessary that the packaging has the name or the logo of the company that is producing it. Our embossing and debossing techniques are something that should be tried to achieve this objective. For adding a hint of uniqueness, spot UV technique is also available to be implemented to design the packaging. This paints the image on the desired spot and results in pretty shoe boxes for the clients to profit from.

Shoe boxes for storage require utmost attention, and they are precious in their making. This is necessary to protect the item that is in the box. As the container is used to store and secure, the material and production technologies need to be outstanding in nature.

Having different styles of the shoes can call for a box that can adjust to the dimensions to the item that is on the inside. Maturing the box with die-cut technology can benefit both the customer and the retailer. For ease and comfort, window packaging can also be used. As shoe storage boxes have the option to utilize them for household chores, it makes them a product in demand now more than ever.

Every product is made with the state-of-the-art technologies of printing and coloring. For printing, we offer screen, digital and offset printing machines. These machines aid in manufacturing unique kinds of product every time. CMYK and PMS shades become a good choice to color the item that the client has an idea about. When made with excellent technology, these stackable shoe boxes become a necessity for the everyday consumer.

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We understand that the process from idea formation to the delivery of the product can be a time consuming, stressing and costly task. To make our customers feel at ease, we ensure the final product is displayed to the client for the approval or changes. This way many future arguments and disappointments along with loss of money can be prevented. The client can request physical sampling from our team at the time of placing the order to view how your decorative shoe boxes look.

Furthermore, to cut production costs, no die cut or plate charges are required from the customer. And finally, the cost of shipping is null on ordering the lowest minimum of the order. Our breakeven count is 100 pieces per order. The client can receive the product within the time they request it to reach them. Our rush order services are readily available for the clients to avail them.

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