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Reinforced Sides With Hinged Top

Quick Overview

When it comes to appearance, everything needs a commendable style and if you are running a business than along with the product, the casing needs an appealing look more than anything. Reinforced sides with hinged top are boxes that are known for its discrete structure. Though sizes are variable but they are conveniently used in packaging of comparatively lofty products because the boxes are tall shaped themselves. Their folding is easy with hinged top at the lid part. Use the packaging for tall but not so wide products. Cosmetics, makeup, decoration pieces, and toy making companies consider hinged to boxes useful for their products. The box offers perfect grip to the item, which is an advantage in terms of protection. For sales oriented firms, marketing plays an important role in achieving the sale goals and for that matter printing is reliable.

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Product Description

Product Detail

PrintingCircle is working on wide range of product wrapping. You can find perfectly suitable packaging from our collection for taller retail products as well. Hinged top boxes are used explicitly for them. They are made from cardboard material which undergoes the process of layering the several cardboard sheets to form one smooth surface. This smooth surface forms a sturdy and secure box. Delicate products can also use these boxes because of the thick walls that offer protected storage. For transportation of glassware items, these boxes are of great help.

If you are planning for a startup, design reinforced sides with hinged top for your products like perfumes, makeup, and toys that need a lofty packaging. Create one eye-catching design for the packaging that can easily be adjusted according to the width of each side. A box consists of four , and that provides plenty of space for decent placement of logo, description, and relevant images as well.

On a promotional scale, the box must carry accurate and sufficient amount of information that involves the benefits your product provide to the customer. This is an effective working strategy to eliminate any kind of misperception in the consumer’s view. Printed reinforced sides with hinged top boxes can perform the task just by laying on the rack of a store.

We manufacture made-to-order box packages that are built according to your given requirements.

•    Measurements are on top priority to shape the box that accurately fits the item. Height and width are needed.

•    Design for printing should be given in PDF file format but JPEG and PSD files are also acceptable.

•    You need to mention that in what quantity you need the order.

In terms of extra sources, you can order our following services for additional advantages:

•    Foiling can give really impressive look to the box. It is done in gold, copper and silver color.

•   Choose lamination for your box package to save it from moisture.This is the only flaw you can find in paper based products but this problem is totally sorted with lamination.

•    Spot UV coating can be done on demand.

•    You can ask for our design support service.

•    Rush orders can be placed.

Custom reinforced sides with hinged top can give you one noticeable packaging among your competitors. They are shipped within our standard turnout time.

Why choose us

PrintingCircle is working hard to give you suitable printing and packaging service. Our company is known for quality results and low rates. We provide all the required customization and our services include digital printing, screen printing and offset printing. Various boxes are available for packaging with individual structure and most probably are suitable for any product. Consider our additional services to give something extra to your packaging. Logos can be embossed, debossed and foil stamped as well. We have managed to create a setup with latest technologies. The order number of 100 is shipped at your doorsteps with no additional amount charged. Follow us to stay tuned with our discounts and try our product at cheapest wholesale prices.

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