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Shoulder Boxes

Quick Overview

Speaking volumes about the luxurious product carried inside before it is even opened; these boxes have become a true fashion statement for retail marketing. Shoulder boxes are mostly made out of thick hardboard or rigid cardboard that help in protecting the items from everything on the outside. Hardboard is generally 3 to 6 mm in thickness while a cardboard box might be 0.5mm in density. The choice of material depends on the use of the product. These containers look like a standard shoebox except for a little change on the inside. An inch or two long neck is designed in these types of boxes. This extension latches the lid on the top firmly and gives the box a unique look at the neck remains visible even when the cover is on. Usually, the neck and the remaining box are designed in separate colors that make an attractive accessory in the market.

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Product Description

Get Innovatively Designs of Shoulder Boxes

Companies are trying their best to be unique in every aspect, so it is only deeming that the packaging is customized as well. The container of the selling item becomes very crucial in suggesting the buyer pick it up from the shelf. A purchaser has to be inspired into buying the item by letting them know about the product and the ways it can be helpful for them. Rigid shoulder box becomes a good choice for customization as it is easy to apply multiple techniques on it that make it different from the other boxes. Our clients from a vast variety of fields use these containers thus making it necessary for us to provide state-of-the-art technologies that can accommodate diverse requirements. Technologies like offset, digital and screen printing are used as a source of production at our firm. To colour the boxes that are manufactured by one of the technologies mentioned above, we have gathered a pair of coloring schemes. The pair is made up of CMYK and PMS shade cards. These are advanced and up-to-date ways that separate the packaging of our client from the competitors and inspires a second look from the buyers.

Custom Printed Shoulder Box With 250GSM to 500GSM

A Shoulder box is used to house varied products at the shops. The heterogeneity of the usage of the box demands it to be customized in various ways. These ways can be a real depiction of the theme of the product that the box used for selling. Laminating it with matt or gloss paper gives the surface of the container a good touch. Foiling and other types of papers make it look appealing for the customers. For printing the pictures, logos, instructions, designs, patterns, artwork, quotations or any other piece of a sketch in the box, we have spot UV and carving techniques like embossing and debossing as an option to pick from. The client can have a look at their customized shoulder boxes before it is sent for production. To avail this opportunity, either a flat view or 3D mock-up sampling can be requested by the client.

Shoulder box packaging Without Die Cut and Shipping Charges

The Shoulder box packaging produced under the supervision of our hardworking and dedicated team ensures a product that is worthy of being presented in the market. By cutting down our die-cut charges, printing plate expenses and shipping costs, we aim to satisfy the clients and their production needs. Our product is ready to use for the client within 4-6 days of it being ordered. As soon as the design is accepted and the manufacturing starts, the client can expect it at their doorstep within this time period. Have a talk with our team if you are looking for rush order delivery service provided by our company.

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