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Glass And Mirror

Quick Overview

A mirror is a human-made object that replicates a real image with maximum details. Mirrors are not found naturally but are manufactured by applying several color coats to a suitable substrate. Glass is explicitly used in the process; that is why they are called glass mirrors. A flat glass surface is layered with acrylic mirror paint until the layer is thick enough to cover the Glass and gives a mirror effect on both sides. Because Glass itself is a transparent object, so it does not make any difference that which side you are picking for mirror covering, but it is beneficial if you choose the backside so that Glass protects the paint for a long time. We are giving you the facilities of glass mirror production with high-quality acrylic paints. Mirrors are one necessary part of furniture today, used in every home, restaurant, and restrooms. This has become an obligation now. 

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Product Description

Printing on Clean Mirror by PrintingCircle

PrintingCircle is a massively growing network that is dealing with all kinds of printing. We are using excellent quality colors for printing and durable advanced types of machinery for packages manufacturing. Making of round glass mirror is one of our offered products. The Glass used in the production is lightweight and sturdy. Different shapes and sizes are available depending on your taste. We have tried to expand our collection that is designed by our professional designers working every day to provide you trendy items. Acrylic paints are used in the formation of a mirror. Various elements are combined and form a substance that will reflect one's image, and hence that is known as a mirror reflection. Silver sheets are used in that regard, but this is one way to create a mirror effect on the object. We are working in multiple different ways to give you the best out of everything.

Glass mirror for walls is carefully chosen for not only personal use but for decoration purposes at priority. Any buyer will need a frame to fit the mirror inside to hang on the wall. For a more improved and enhanced look, we are also facilitating you with the option of printing a design on the mirror. Any of your given designs will be printed on the borders, or maybe your logo can be printed at the top or bottom corners on demand. The borders on the mirror skip the need for any fancy frame. It helps you to cut your extra expense on one single item.

Customization | Glass Mirror Printing

Everybody wants to decorate their houses according to ongoing trends. We have solved your problem and given you one place providing various services. Glass mirror cut to size is first traced on the mirror by a wax pencil, and then its cutting is done for a neat and required finish. To a specific group of people, style matters a lot. For their comfort, now glass mirrors are not only used in dressing tables or to see yourself while getting ready, but the need for progress has stepped out of limits where a certain thing is no longer bound for a specific use. Huge buildings are seen covered in glass mirrors. This enhances the beauty not only from the outer appearance but the inside view is imaginary. People have started to use this Glass in the construction of their luxury houses as well. That is why we are allowing the customer to provide us with their required size and shape. We will work the way you want.

Mirror effect can be given to metal, wood, and plastic as well. Objects with shiny reflective appearance are known to be glass mirror products, such as glass mirror side table, glass mirror lamps, glass mirror doors, and many more. 

About Us

PrintingCircle is one leading name among the printing industry. We are working on a large scale to give you multiple services in one place. Our services include the manufacturing of box packaging, digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing on any kind of material. Die-cutting is also available and with no extra charges. Printing Circle rates are very affordable, and we do not charge shipment charges. The best thing you will find in us is the quality we have managed to give you besides low rates. Visit us and place your order in safe hands. We do not compromise with our customer's satisfaction.

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