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Pole Banners

Quick Overview

In the market of retail companies and other business campaigns, Pole banners are of great medium. Publicizing is a difficult and important thing when it comes to working on a professional note. Different marketing methods have brought comfort to this problem. Printing is one appropriate and most importantly, affordable way to assign the task of promotion. Pole banner is the piece of cloth printed and placed between two parallel poles, used to spread awareness about a specific event or festivals taking place. This banner holds all the needed information, making it helpful for people. That makes an increasing value of banner and printing in the market.  Banners are made from polyester mesh and vinyl fabric. In the production, layer polyester fabric is fixed between the coats of vinyl, which makes it strong and the polyester layer works as block out sheet to stop the shine through.



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Product Description

Product Details

PrintingCircle is proving itself to be a reliable firm in the market of printing and packaging. Printing is a process of transferring colors to the piece of cloth or paper. It gives you an opportunity to describe your product in text and images as well to provide an eye-catching look. From decades, printing has been a useful source to publicize any business. Talking about pole banners here, they are used for several reasons, such as informing about an upcoming event, opening ceremony of any new brand, institute, and business. Pole banners printing is done on a block out vinyl. Because these banners are mounted on walls or street lights, so they are easily noticeable by people passing by. This is an effective way to inform others about details because many people are waiting for something new to happen. The banner should have all the needed information. Not everyone has time to open online pages and reading details. Instead, banners only have significant data figures.

Flags and banners both fall in the same category. The only difference is that flags are attached at one side of the pole whereas banner’s two ends are connected to the pole. Either its feather flag or pole banner both are advertising tools. Vinyl banners are used for outdoor advertisement as they are resistant to acids and other chemicals. That is why vinyl is widely used the material in posters and advertising banners. It has small holes inside allowing wind to pass through. Vinyl banner printing is easily printed, and the print lasts longer. They are displayed even on exhibition and live shows to promote sponsored names.

Customized Banner

Because the sizes of flag pole banners we provide are standard, so we facilitate you to get them in the required format. For banners used on streets and roads should have a large size to give a clear image to moving cars too. These banners can be, and two-sided as well. The double sided banner needs two banners printed and sewed together with a liner to not let the image reflect on the other side. Whereas one-sided banner gives reverse reflection the print on the opposite side to a low percentage. For custom flag pole banners, notify us of your requirement. We will try to provide more than your expected results.

About Us

PrintingCircle is bringing the latest resources in your service. We are working cooperatively, giving exceptional quality but at very reasonable prices. We know through what stress you go through, finding one right place that is why we have got your back. We have various printing types. Including digital printing, screen printing, embossing and others are just one order away from you. If your order reaches a quantity of 100 items, shipment is free. Other than printing, packaging services are available. Countless boxes including rigid boxes and cartons are obtainable. We are offering discounts on deals as well. Your visit will be worth the time. Our supportive team also tries to make your concepts clear and give you your own perspective regarding the field.

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