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Hexagon 2 PC

Quick Overview

Hexagon 2 pc is the ideal gift box. The name is self-explanatory, owing to its six-sided shape. It comprises of a six-sided box with a lid that goes on the top. They are usually small in size, so they are ideal for sending gifts to your loved ones.  However, you can have custom hexagon two pc boxes made as per your requirements, and the size can be altered. They are made from 10 points to 28 points eco-friendly Kraft paper that weighs around 60lbs to 400lbs, e flute corrugated paper, boxboard, and cardstock paper. They can be modified using the usual processes of die-cutting and perforation. Gluing can be used to attach accessories such as ribbons. The finishing options are matte finishing, gloss finishing, and the third being the very trendy, Spot UV, which is perfect for a chic outlook. These are shipped in flat view form, and mock-ups are organized after regular intervals.

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Product Description

Designing can be as exciting as you want it to be

Designing is the fun part of the whole process of getting printed Hexagon 2 pc for your business or personal use. This is where the customers can feel that they are a part of the whole process. The increased interaction is always exciting with someone who shares your enthusiasm regarding a particular subject, which in this scenario, happens to be the designing and customization of your packaging materials. We offer free design support that opens up a channel between our clients and us. This helps in enabling us to have as much room as possible to come up with the best designs for you, and at the same time, we entertain all the ideas that you have in your mind. We understand that for creativity to flow, a completely laid back environment works best, especially when customer service is involved.  Our vast repertoire allows us to keep the customer engaged because we stay up to date with all the latest trends in the market. This experience that we have acquired here at the printing circle cannot be duplicated as there is no substitute for the amount of time that we have invested in helping people come up with their packaging solutions and give them a head start in their shipping and marketing strategies.

Best packaging solution 

This newly developed interest in designing the packaging solutions is because entrepreneurs are starting to realize the importance of having unique packaging wrapped around their products. This new race to set a distinct look by having a touch of novelty along with creativity on their designs of packaging materials seems to be unending. The sooner you jump on the bandwagon, the better it is as we assure you it is going to continue.  

You are just two steps away

Printing comes after the design has been finalized upon. By this time, we hope that you have had a wonderful experience with our support and design groups. The process of printing includes the finishing touches. The structure is ready by now, and this is where your design ideas materialize on paper. The labeling of the boxes is the fun part. The options include gold and silver foiling. They are quite the rage these days as the final look gives off fancy vibes. Perfect for cosmetics or high-end products. That, coupled with a glossy finish on the ground, really brings out a neat look. There is also the unusual combination of gold or silver foiling with a matte finish. It’s all a matter of choice. The look you are going for with your packaging is up to you. The printing process includes all sustainable and eco-friendly protocols being taken into consideration. The need for more sustainable options is here to stay, and we are constantly on the lookout for smarter and better in this regard.   

We provide more to build relationships

100% customer satisfaction is our main priority, that is why we provide top quality designed Hexagon 2 PC Boxes. As long as the customer is happy and as long as you are happy, we are here. There has been a great trend among our customers that we have been able to build long term business relationships with them. Since we live by the objective to achieve 100% satisfaction and approval from the customer end, we offer free design support, free shipping for everyone unless there is a request for an accelerated process. Get hexagon two pc and play with the idea that you will have complete freedom to customize them in any way you want. The possibilities are endless; that is what makes this exciting and so much fun.



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