If your account is associated with any of these money transfer applications, you are just a tap away to place your order.

Our prices are mentioned along with the product in USD so payment should also be sent in same currency. for pay  your order, all you need to do is follow the instructions::

•    Go through your items placed in the cart.

•    Tap the button confirm your order.

•    Choose the payment type.

•    Enter your account number.

•    Click, send money and answer necessary questions.

•    Your order is placed.

Payment through mobile applications has made online shopping very easy. These methods are secure and handy. Once you get the message that your order is received, you need to hold back and wait for your parcel to arrive.

We as online retailers, accept money through the above mentioned payment types. If you are shopping with us, here is the detailed guide.                                                                                                                                      Confirm your cart list first. When you are done with product selection, now you can see the total amount on your screens. Click, confirm the order and choose one payment type that is easy for you. Enter your account number and tap send money. Next step is to give your e-mail address and necessary information for your security. After that you are free to place your order.

At the moment, you receive confirmation message from our company. Be sure that the transaction was successful and now you can start counting the days left in your order’s shipment. To make it further convenient for you, we do share the invoice as well.


You can only cancel your order within 4 hours of your approval proof. Otherwise cancellation will cost you a small fee. Normally it is 5% of your total order’s amount.

If there is any sort of change in the price, it is our duty to notify you that. This happens if you make changes to your ordered requirements. 

If the product is no longer available, we will discuss a suitable alternative with you keeping your needs in focus.