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Piece Tray With Reinforced Side Wall

Quick Overview

A piece tray with reinforced side wall is a tray structured one-piece box with attached lid and four walls. These handy and weightless containers are used for any product packaging that may include lightweight crockery items or shoe packaging can be done in these boxes. They are made from recycled paper, which is an eco-friendly material that means they are suitable to carry products for long term packaging and storage. Sizes of the package are measured on a flat paperboard, and excessive part is removed from the surface. The sides of the box are then folded in order to get a complete one piece tray box. Commonly, shoe selling companies find these packages useful in every way because these are sturdy and cost-effective boxes. Possible variations can be made in the shape and design of the box, but its size is measured entirely according to your product requirement.

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Product Description

Product Detail

PrintingCircle is a leading name that offers to manufacture packaging boxes. Piece tray with reinforced side wall box is one of our provided boxes. We use eco-friendly kraft paper, corrugated paper, and also bux board in the formation process of piece tray boxes. The material used is storable and easily cartable, which makes it top pick for expensive and known shoe selling brands too.

To carry shoes around can be stressful, especially when you love traveling. Design one piece tray with reinforced side wall box to solve the issue. Width and depth of the box is the required area you need to store the product in. The design here is referred to as the shape and style of the box.

Printed piece tray with reinforced side wall multiplies the apparent look with colors. This is the best advertising tool to grab the attention of people passing by. Usually, logos and names are printed on the box, but an image-based short message can be conveyed to the customer because the image is relevant to the product, so it explains visually what you are offering.

It is not necessary that you find one product that satisfies your every need if you are looking around the market. Made-to-order services have taken care of your requirements and specifications. Custom piece tray with reinforced side wall can be ordered because we work in a wholesale market with thoroughly customized products. Guide us with a detailed description of your expected box package or send us the reference of the container, our skilled designer will handle the salient points from your given reference. The description must have following points clearly mentioned.


They include the length, width, and height of the box.


Either send the reference image or elaborate the possible compatible measurements to make changes.


Provide the design you need for printing in any suitable file format. The image appearing on the screen will be the exact design printed on the box.


What number of boxes you need must be mentioned necessarily.

Additional things can be added if you want to outshine your competitors. Foiling is one of our offered services; it is available in gold, silver, and copper currently. Lamination can be done with glossy or matt finish to give an appealing look to the box.

About Us

PrintingCircle is an online running website that has taken customization to the level of perfection. Just a few clicks are needed for you to connect to us. We have an uncountable variety of packaging boxes, and we offer the best printing results up to our customer’s expectation. Digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, and embossing is our special treatment to give you one unique product. The high-quality ink is used in our printers to maintain their working and your expectations. We offer free design support, and no extra amount is charged on shipment. Foiling and lamination services are available as well. Stay tuned to our page for exciting discounts. 

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