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Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

As the name suggests, the custom rigid boxes are a kind of packaging that is engineered for the packaging of things that are of immense value and importance. The heavy-duty material/ card used in the manufacturing of these boxes provides extreme safety to the product inside the box. These boxes are manufactured in multiple shapes and sizes based on their usage. The highly rigid bottom, walls, and top lid provide protection to the item(s) inside them. These boxes may look similar to the four corner tray boxes, but they are safer and stronger than any other packaging of the same kind. The name of these boxes may sound very simple, but because of their reliability and durability, they are famous for the packaging of gift items, fruits, clothes, delicate items like perfumes and many other things. These boxes are shipped to the customers in assembled form, and the moment you receive these boxes, they will be ready to use.

Get More Popularity by Getting More Customizations For Rigid Boxes

The application of these boxes is not merely secure packaging and safe shipping. These boxes are more than that. They can be used to display things in the store, online shopping, and gift packaging. These boxes are also helpful in keeping items secure at home. The custom rigid boxes for USA have been exclusively engineered keeping in view the manufacturers’ and customers’ requirements. The manufacturer always wants their product to be liked by the customer in the first look while the customer is always on a hunt of merchandise that is not only best in the quality but also packed in elegant packaging. The custom rigid setup boxes fruitfully serve this purpose. The sleek design and the substantial body of these boxes give the customer satisfaction that the product inside is of high quality and in one piece.

Buy Custom Printed Rigid Boxes With Various Printing and Finishing Options

A wide range of custom printed rigid boxes makes it easy for you to get the perfect packaging solution for your valuable item(s). The printing on these boxes can also be customized according to the need of the customer and product. Several printing styles options are available to make these boxes look more appealing to the eyes of the customers. The gold, silver or copper foiling on these boxes can enhance the attraction of these boxes. The manufacturing company’s name, brand logo or the tag line will not only make it easier for the customers to pick their favourite product but also helps in branding.

Get Custom Made Rigid Packaging in Multiple Sizes and Shapes

Another modification you can enjoy in these custom made rigid boxes is to include sleeves and place holders inside them. This will make the box more useful, and you can place multiple items in a single box. A die cut window on the flip cover in the center or at a corner will also give your product an attractive look. The customer or the recipient will be able to take an instant look at the item inside the box, and it will enhance their craving to grab the box, open it and see what is inside the box. If you are wondering about where to buy custom rigid boxes, then you are already at the right place. We at manufacture these boxes with highly durable material that promises the protection of the item inside the box and at the same time proves to be an alluring packaging solution for your product.

Enjoy the Lowest Rates & Free Shipping

The pricing we at are offering for these custom rigid box is so low that you cannot take your eyes off of it without buying it for your product(s). This low price goes even more economical on special occasions when we offer special discounts. The shipping of these boxes across the globe is free. Free shipping is available on the lowest minimum order that is just 100 pieces. Our efficient team makes sure that an order is processed and delivered to the customer in just 10 to 12 days only. But if you need this packaging solution to be delivered to your provided address sooner than that, then you must try our premium expedite service which ensures the delivery of the packaging in just 4 to 6 days. This service includes a minimal charged though.

For details about the pricing, charges and any other thing, you can contact our customer support team which is available 24/7 to assist you.