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Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are the most versatile packaging solution brands can use to upscale their sales and brand reputation. They can be customized in all shapes, sizes, and designs and can also be printed using diverse printing techniques.

Custom cardboard boxes are the most amazing and functional alternative to traditional plastic packaging and also allow businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It is a universally dynamic packaging option which is suitable for food, apparel, décor, jewelry, art, storage, and almost all other types of products.

If you’re in the US, UK, Canada, or any other country looking for the best-quality regular or rigid cardboard boxes online, Printing Circle can help. We’re a leading packaging and printing company based in the US and offer a wide range of custom cardboard boxes. You can choose from our corrugated, Kraft, mat board, and paper board boxes in any shape or color.

The Safest Packaging for Your Products

We believe that packaging is the first thing a potential customer notices about a brand. It has the potential to make your products pop and stand out in the market. Packaging is also the most effective source to convey your brand’s vision, mission, and purpose to the target audience.

What’s more, the type, quality, and sturdiness of product packaging have a long-lasting and significant impact on product safety and reliability. Printing Circle offers the most diverse range of safe, durable, and aesthetic cardboard boxes at affordable rates. Our design and support team is available round the clock to help you choose the perfect packaging solution for your products.

A Matchless Range of Cardboard Box Design Options

PrintingCircle offers complete freedom of choice to its clients. Whether you want cardboard boxes for gift packing or your products, we can design and manufacture the most aesthetic and high-end boxes for you. Our team thoroughly discusses every client requirement and crafts out the most suitable packaging design and prints accordingly.

From stylish CBD product boxes to vibrant fast-food box designing, we know how to get the job done! Printing Circle is the ultimate platform that offers start to finish. Our goal is to create stylish packaging products that not only entice your potential customer but also retains them and keeps them coming back for more.

Our broader range of cardboard box customizations includes:

  • Color choice of your choice
  • Die-cutting
  • Perforation
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Gold and silver foiling
  • Gloss finish
  • Matte finish
  • UV lamination
  • Finishing product-oriented designs
  • All kinds of shapes and styles
  • Exceptional cardboard packaging boxes materials and shapes

Grow Your Brand with Us!

Our state-of-the-art printing, die-cutting, and cardboard box design technique make us one of the most advanced cardboard box manufacturers in the US. Our products and services are a customer favorite when it comes to material options, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Our printing and design are extremely detail-oriented and leave no room for error when designing extraordinary graphics, fonts, brand logos, and PMS and CMYK color combinations. They print each cardboard with immaculate neatness to ensure your brand’s growth and recognition in the market.

Our process starts the moment you contact our team or place an order online. You will hear from our support team shortly with a detailed customization plan. We’ll come up with creative and attractive logos and print designs to help you decide what works best for your brand. After getting the final artwork and prints approved by you, we’ll commence the manufacturing process.

Rest assured; Printing Circle can take care of all the nitty-gritty factors in cardboard box design, print, and shipping activities and deliver your parcels in 10 to 12 days.

We’ve Printed Over 1 Million Custom Cardboard Boxes!

Printing Circle takes pride in being the US’s top cardboard box manufacturer. Our vast range of packaging solutions is 100% recyclable, durable, and eco-friendly. We design, print, and deliver all kinds of cardboard boxes to your doorstep without any hidden charges.

At Printing Circle, our team has completed over 1 million custom cardboard design and print projects for clients based in the US, Canada, Australia, and many other parts of the world. What’s more, you can save heaps of money by availing our free shipping option or opting for expedited shipping at a very minimal cost.

Printing Circle’s cardboard box range is suitable for all kinds of products, gifts, and storage items and is safe for use. They’re free of harmful chemicals and substances that may damage your product or the environment.

Enjoy Faster Turnaround and Maximum Savings with Our Value-Added Services

Custom cardboard box manufacturers and suppliers in the US often charge hefty shipping fees from their customers. They also tend to charge hidden fees for fragile packaging or certain shipping areas. On the contrary, Printing Circle prioritizes accurate price quotes, free shipping, and maximum customer satisfaction.

You can buy any of our cardboard box products and avail free shipping across the US. Our delivery time is approximately 12 days for regular orders and 3-4 days for expedited shipping. 

Get the Most Durable Cardboard Boxes at the Most Affordable Prices

Printing Circle’s team works day in and day out to create innovative, eco-friendly, and more effective cardboard box packaging solutions for modern-day businesses. We allow you to customize your boxes however you like and offer unique solutions at discounted prices on occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday, New Year, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.

So what’re you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today and discuss your needs and preferences to find the best packaging option for your products. We offer all kinds of cardboard boxes, such as:

  • Retail storage boxes
  • Document storage boxes
  • Food boxes
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • CBD boxes
  • Metalized boxes
  • Rigid cardboard boxes for jewelry, perfumes, other luxury items, and more!


And that’s not all. Our offerings also include printing services such as custom box printing, label and logo design and printing, banner and poster printing, specialty labels, and business essentials designing. Our unique printing techniques are ideal for adding a personal touch to your brand and communicating its core values with the target market.

Printing Circle promises faster turnaround, timely doorstep delivery, superior customer satisfaction, and high-end professionalism. With our team by your side, you can rest assured that your product packaging will surely entice the target audience!

Contact us today for more details, or watch this video to learn more about us.