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Economy Disc Folder

Quick Overview

A practical approach of preserving the compact or digital versatile video disks on your shelve or in the storage box, disc folders have become a popular choice among the disk sellers and buyers.  To eliminate the use of plastic for the betterment of Earth’s environment, producers of packages looked for an alternate resource to build the folder. Eco-friendly and good looking, cardboard was selected to be the perfect choice for the box to be made. The structure of this container is very interesting as it is made out of a single sheet folded in half with two flaps on either side of the front wall that could be adjusted in the back wall to lock the folder. A small thumb cut is made on the first side to make the sliding of the disk easier and scratch free. An economy disc folder is created to contain a single item; therefore, each disc is kept out of harm from the others.


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Product Description

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Using the best services that are available in the market, it is possible to produce something that is worth spending the money on. Every buyer is looking for a casing that is good for their pocket as well as their product. To choose from the number of options that are available in the market for holding the CD’s and DVD’s, the buyer is at liberty to make the right choice as per the requirement of the product and the will of the client. These cardboard folders are selected more often than other covers. That is because of the ease of use they bring with their box style. The items that are to be carried in these boxes are of a standard size around the world; therefore, it gives a little room for customization in that area yet there is still room for improvement in the way a folder is produced. New ideas need the latest set of methods to be produced for retail, storage, and shipment purposes. 
To design economy disc folder with proper size, shape, and quality, we provide our clients with the state of the art technologies to help them create the product that will be their own in every aspect. The package shape can be produced in a varied form that will stand out in the market and be unusual for the client. Even though the use of discs is getting obsolete over the years, there still are specific digital works that cannot be done without the use of a CD. Therefore, the companies that are coding high functioning programs in CD’s demand the covers to be relatable and useful to use. A cover should have the details of the company or the software that it is carrying the disc of. This way it will become more comfortable for the people who are using it at their homes and also make the picking of the correct CD at the CD store. For the recognition of the company and the software, it is fitting that the box is created with technologies that do not end in faulty looking outcomes. We use multiple printing and colouring schemes along with decoration options to bring forth a good quality product. 
The offset printing technique is used to print the folders with a standard printing style. Digital printing methodology uses the images present in the computer to be printed on the box in an effortless manner. Screen printing is equipped with cut-outs that produce selected artwork by spraying paint or colours on them. As the colouring of the box is the most significant feature, and it should not deteriorate at any cost, so we make sure that the best options are installed in our production cycle for the creation of a well Printed Economy Disc Folder. CMYK is a technique that produces good quality colours for the boxes where are PMS is a shade card with a massive list of colours for the customers to pick the right shade from.
Customization is the key to success for every brand. A company needs to label the product that it is selling so that the buyers can understand where the product is coming from. The positive and negative aspects will all be marked under the name of the particular brand. Foiling of gold and silver, laminations namely matt and gloss and other techniques can be used to produce a custom Economy Disc Folder.

About us

Starting with free shipping on our orders along with no die-cut and plate charges, our services are exceptional and economical. The use of Green material to create economy disc folder with customized shape and size for the satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal since the first day. Come start your production processes with us today. Our designers are readily waiting to help you out in every way possible.

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