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Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Everything becomes more beautiful, attractive, and sophisticated when incased. The purpose of incasing products into boxes is to keep them protected from damage, breakage, and loss. But it is a hidden fact that you can make your box more than just a storage box by making some minor customizations. Packaging the products has always been an intricate part of the business. Many questions arise when we think of the perfect encapsulation. The size of the box must be suitable for the product. The design must be able to portray the objects placed inside. The color must be matching. The wrapping should not be complexed, easy to handle. It must take less space to store more boxes at a time. The shape of the box has to be similar to the product. You cannot pack a circle chocolate bag in a rectangular box. All these are the small but significant elements that we have to think about while designing a perfect box for specific products.

Freedom of Customization: is providing you the freedom of designing your luxury packaging into any shape, color, design, and size you want to have. We have been providing the benefits of customization for the last two decades, and our millions of satisfied consumers are proof of our excellent services. You can customize your box entirely into any shape you want to. You can add additional handles, window cutouts, perforated lines, and die cuts as much as you require. Our team is available throughout the day on our online portal to entertain you with our numerous services and unlimited customization options. Luxury product packaging requires smooth finishing, high-class printing, long-lasting tints, vibrant and eye-catching fonts, special quality foiling, and embossing or debossing. We at the printing circle are providing each of the services mentioned above, and the fun part is you do not need to exceed your budget to avail all of these services. We are doing this for you to appreciate your trust in us. We provide offset, screen, and digital printing technology; you are free to select your desired technology. From our range of gloss, matte, and Spot UV finishing, you can choose any of these to add value to your ordinary boxes. We also let you select your desired coloring scheme out of CMYK and PMS along with your desired foiling of gold, silver, or copper.

Customizing is a fun yet complicated procedure to undertake. Our organization's professional and expert team is competent in developing hundreds of unique, different, sophisticated, and elegant ideas for you to make your box alluring when placed between other boxes. We got what it takes to design each luxury packaging for wholesale differently. We take charge of making your boxes more appealing by adding required inserts inside the box to help your products fixed to their slots. Designing different patterns for the boxes to give them a fantastic look in the blink of an eye is one of the essential expertise of our team.

Complementary Services:

We are very overwhelmed to see the positive response from our consumers, and your love has forced us to make some decisions. We have decided to provide free shipping services all around the world with the shortest turnaround duration. We take the responsibility of delivering your order safely and soundly to your doorstep. In addition, we are also providing free designing support and customization under the supervision of experts to make the design next to perfection. We also do not charge you for die cuts and printing plates. We provide the services of high-quality printing technologies free of cost.

About Us! is your number one priority when it comes to providing durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and reusable luxury packaging boxes for your business to leaves a remarkable impression on your consumers. The boxes that are manufactured by us automatically draw the attention of the consumer towards the product. The packaging must be very appealing because it is the first thing a consumer will engage in before even opening and knowing about the product. Sometimes the reason behind making a purchase is the boxes in which the products are kept.

We try to produce more boxes in less time to dispatch the order before the deadline. And sometimes, due to the hard work of our production team, we dispatch the order even before the promised date. We use the most beautiful, refined, and biodegradable substances to manufacture the boxes to keep the environment clean and eliminate the hazardous chemicals and their reaction from our climate. We dispose of our residue in a manner that the sea species are also not affected. 100% consumer satisfaction is our priority.