Term and Services


To maintain the reputation of our organization, we have defined some terms and conditions that a consumer agrees to if using our website. PritningCircle.com has the authority to alter or modify these rules and conditions without any intimation or notification anytime. It is suggested for our clients to keep visiting this page more often to stay updated about any change in our services and policies. PrintingCircle.com is allowed to display the designs to show their expertise or to provide free samples or inserts for their customers.

Copyright Reserved:

It is to inform our users that any information and content that is displayed on the website, either be written material, images, software, data, photographs, graphics, illustrations, designs and maps and all other content which is simultaneously termed to be our website content is the property of PrintingCircle.com and any kind of alteration, updating, plagiarism, storing, republishing, distribution and transmission of the content is strictly prohibited without the legal permission of the website.

Your Share in Our Website:

You are responsible for any material, either pictures, music, or writing, which you upload, share, advertise or anyway give us or disperse through our website. You must agree that any material either images, music or written information that you upload, share or advertise through our site will not include any writing, picture, structure, trademark, administration mark or any copyrighted work of any outsider except if you have gotten an endorsement from the appropriate approvals. You accept and abide by the rule of not uploading, sharing, or publicizing any content on our website, which is unpleasant, obscene, and that cut our various users from utilizing the services of our website on infringing the scholarly property rights of PrintingCircle.com or any other third party. We are not responsible for any content that is shared by the customers of PrintingCircle.com on our website; we also do not provide any assurance for the validity, decency, or morality of the material.

Printingcircle.com has the authority of removing any indecent, unlawful, or abusive material shared by the clients on our official website without any prior notice. Still, the consumer must remove any material which violates terms and conditions. The company has every authority to keep the content posted to our website if it is required, stick to judicial, apply the terms of services, replied the assert that the web content disobeys the third party rules or keeps the rights, wealth, or safety of our website and its consumers.

You are required to provide your accurate information, including the current address and appropriate contact information to get your order straight away. If any consumer is found violating or misusing the terms and conditions of PrintingCircle.com will be considered illegal, and a judicial action will be taken against them. If you are placing an order on our website, make sure that you have all the fundamental rights, permission and authority to place an order and the company can create unique products on your behalf. You assure that you are of sufficient age to stick to the lawful proceedings if you experience using the website as a consumer.

You are advised to keep your password protected and controlling the access of your registered account on our website. You allow the entrance to the website to create, reuse, and modify content from our website when you or anyone who has access to your computer. Only you are responsible for protecting your password and should not reveal it to anyone. In case of misuse of your account, you are responsible for any misuse of our website or customer’s information, either personally or publically.

If you are using our website, it shows that you agree with the privacy policy of PrintingCircle.com. You also admit that you have read and understood the company’s privacy policy, and it can use your personal and business information, as stated in the privacy policy.

Compensation and Limitation of Liability:

You agree to defend, compensate, and hold printingcircle.com is counting its individuals, executives, workers, agents, merchants, providers, subsidiaries and subcontractors from and against any cases, harm. If a claim is made against the organization given the purported wrong demonstrations of the clients or un-demonstrated printing performed of the items by the organization and mentioned by the clients. Damages any legitimate assurance of any individual or incorporates occasions that are evil, dangerous, and foul and are the aftereffects of unapproved access to any secret phrase secured territory of our site. You are supposed to compensate and protect us from any loss, harm, destruction, or vandalism which arises because of any claim that may include guarding the company against any asserts, tips for verdict award, and playing us for any judicial fees and expenditures.

In no event are we liable to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action including but not limited to negligence, arising from this agreement or your use of our website exceed the amount paid by you to PrintingCircle.com for the order or request?

Return and Refund Policy:

 If you find any error in your products or if your products are not printed as per your demand and required specifications, you are required to inform the company within three working days from the day you receive your order. In case of faulty printing, we reprint your product but do not refund the money. We have hired a special team for defect checking. The client is supposed to send the defective products digital photos to the company using their own expenditure within seven business days to receive the reprint of your products.

Design orders:

PrintingCircle.com does not allow any refunds for designing services. The customer has no choice other than canceling the order in case of design services, and the total payment will be non-refundable.

Sales tax policy:

Customers have to take care of the sales tax policies of the states they are ordering from. The company needs to see your tax exemption certificate at the time of placing your order.

Customer Designed Artwork Policy:

Our designers use artwork that is provided by the customers. Send your artwork at 300dpi (Dots per inch) in the final form of CMYK format. If you provide the files in other font sizes and not with the CMYK format, the company is not responsible for blurred, exaggerated, or printing different than your demand. The customer is considered responsible if the printing work is not what they expected to be due to the sequence or orientation of the placed order. PrintingCircle.com is not responsible for the loss of your printed orders. Once you have uploaded your artwork on our website, make sure that the posted material is your property under the law.

We have the authority of declining the order that we think is unlawful or violates the right of the third party. We are bound to inform you about the cancellation. This step is taken to spread the message that PrintingCircle.com does not print anything offensive, indecent, or abusive.

Proof and color accuracy:

Sending the final form of the product or services through electronic files or hard copy is the crucial step of order placement. Once you send us the agreement, we send your printing tasks to the press department. As a customer, it is your foremost duty to update and examine the proof. The turnaround duration of the company starts after the evidence of the agreement. Do not keep the company waiting for the agreement proofing as it may cause a delay in the delivery of your order.  Please go through the proof before agreeing upon it. Check your original files for any expected error in spacing, layout, format, punctuation, or the picture position and the text printed.  Proof in electronic forms do not handle transparency, change your RGB colors to CMYK. The company is not responsible for the printed version of products with laminations. The customer is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved proof.

No liability for Errors:

PrintingCircle.com is not responsible if any of these errors are found in the printed product

•    Typing Mistake: Spelling, grammar, and font mistakes.

•    Graphics punctuation or percolating marks.

Combined Printing:

We do not use amalgamated printing for the majority of the printing products. According to the printing requirements and standards of the company and consumers, we can use any printing technology that is more appropriate and fits them.


High-Speed Production, Shipping, and Delivery of orders:

After fulfilling every requirement of placing the order, which includes proofing the agreement, sharing your artwork through electronic files or hard form, and agreeing upon the shared content, which is supervised and approved by the press department, then the production process speeds up, and turnaround duration starts. We update you with the production updates of your orders. We send your order through our free shipping services. PrintingCircle.com is not liable for any loss or damage of your products caused during shipping. The customer accepts to the terms that the company is not responsible for any delay because of the weather or customs issues that cannot be controlled directly by us. If there is any problem with the printing process, the charges will be refunded, although orders are not canceled caused by delay in printing. 

Alteration in Terms and conditions and Website:

PrintingCircle.com has the authority to make any change in our terms and conditions any time without any above notice, and the company will start acting according to the new changes. If you keep using the website after the latest changes, it will be considered that you are agreed to our newly changed policies.