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Printed Cardboard Boxes

Quick Overview

Printed cardboard boxes are the most varied kinds of boxes. They are made from cardboard, recycled cardboard paper, corrugated papers, and Kraft papers. These custom printed cardboard boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They can be square or rectangle. Their dimensions can be set according to their usage. These boxes are shipped in flat form, and the assembly is straightforward. They have four interlocking flaps on two opposite sides.  The flaps on both sides can be closed to enclose the products inside. These cardboard boxes are shaped by going through the default process that includes perforation, scoring, gluing and die cutting¬. Inserts can be put in as fencing to protect products inside if they are easily breakable or if they are more than one. Behind each panel on the inside and over the bottom panels, padding can be added for further reinforcement. These boxes can also be wrapped in plastic films and bubble wrap sheets quickly without affecting the products inside.

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Product Description

Get Custom Designed and Printed Cardboard Boxes

The decision to have a design on these cardboard boxes can be made by analyzing their trajectory. If these boxes are meant to be used as storage boxes in some industrial facility or small scale business site then usually customers do not require designed boxes.

However, if boxes are meant to reach the consumer end and if these boxes are supposed to be used commercially, then designing these boxes and making them as attractive a possible is preferred. Since these boxes are so useful in packing and moving goods from one place to another, in their life, they are going to be used multiple times for the same purpose and by different owners. These boxes are sturdy enough, they have a life of their own as compared to other packaging materials, and they are going to be taken to places far and beyond your physical reach. For this very reason, they are perfect for taking your company name to places where you cannot reach otherwise. These boxes can be labeled with your company name and logo. Since they have wide panels on all sides, they are the ideal marketing tools. You can put as much useful text on each side as needed. Too much of writing can look cluttered, and that will reduce the visibility of everything as a whole. The addition of company logos, taglines, product information, and sender/recipient information is generally accepted. This can obviously be reduced or changed according to choice and usage. Cardboard packaging is efficient since it is lightweight and powerful. Custom cardboard boxes are used everywhere. They are used for shipping, transportation of goods, and for storage.

Get Printed Cardboard Boxes Using Top Quality Printing Techniques

We offer top quality printing at Our printing techniques are offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing. These different printing techniques have different sets of qualities and drawbacks. Their selection depends on the kind of printing that needs to be done. With a large number of items, we usually opt for offset printing. This method is cost-effective and quicker than others. Similarly, the other techniques that we have are used accordingly.

We Made Using Recyclable, Sustainable, and Biodegradable Packaging Material

We use sustainable materials and chemicals during our operations. Our quality assurance department makes sure that whatever materials, chemicals, substrates, and inks are used during a full operation from start to finish, are certified for use by the government. We put great emphasis on the local, state and federal laws to ensure the preservation of our environment. 

We continue to put in our best efforts in this regard, and we have been able to transition our whole operation to eco-friendly and green means successfully. Similarly, printed cardboard boxes are also made from environmentally friendly materials.

We Develop Long term Business Relations

PrintingCircle makes sure to provide fantastic customer support to further our relations with the customers and the public. Our mission to give 100% customer satisfaction has been successfully carried out since the past decade, which will continue well into the future as well. We try to accommodate our customers as much as possible. We offer free shipping to our clients and the turnaround time is 10 to 12 working days. There are no die cutting or plate charges in the final cost, and it is free.  There are free mockups, and the customer can even request for physical sampling for a better idea as to how their product looks like in real form. During the physical sampling, customer can also request to revisit the design of the cardboard boxes.

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