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Insert Types

Insert Types

Safe packaging, transit delivery, and retail display of fragile and miniature items would have been next to impossible if there were not different insert types to hold these products firmly in place within their boxes. Innovation in the packaging industry, we now see a humungous variety in the type of these inserts. From SBS to VAC trays, and from foam and chip trays to corrugated inserts, whatever your product type, size, or chemical requirement is, you can find an aptly suitable insert for it. That would hold it in place and ensure that the product is delivered undamaged and perfectly in place. These inserts may or may not be printed since their main purpose is to keep the items in place within their packaging. Even the most complex and chemically challenging products, these inserts are delivered to far-off places without a hint of the travel they make to get to their destination.

Different insert types are required to make sure that a fragile or miniature product is delivered safely to their customers. If these inserts were not there, one cannot even fathom the amount of product damage that would have been there with the items getting misplaced, cracked, spilled or spoiled right in their very own packaging boxes. We specialize in offering the best quality inserts that can elevate the protection level of your product packaging and give them a visual and aesthetic uplift to make them stand out when placed among their counterparts on the retail counters. That is what we offer and how we offer.

Premium Die Cuts:

There is no point in having an insert in your product box if it is not precisely cut according to the physical attributes of the product that it is to encapsulate within itself. We specialize in making inserts that keep your products in place, but they can also shape exactly according to the product to make sure that nothing goes wrong during your product’s retail journey. When you get inserts from us, you can rest assured that your product would remain unharmed and exactly in place throughout its retail journey. There is no better partner for your products' packaging than inserts that are custom-made from us.

An amalgam of choices:

The choices and variety that we offer to our clients in terms of materials, types, and styles of inserts, and special treatments that you can insert in packaging boxes to maintain product safety is unmatched in the market. Our SBS paperboard inserts fold exactly into the product they carry. They are a thinner alternative to our fluted cardboard inserts, which you can use for various products that need a pair of extra hands to keep them safe and sound. The thermoformed trays that we offer are not just affordable and handy. Still, they are also aesthetically appealing and perfect for the safekeeping and delivery of your products when you do not want to invest a hefty budget for your product protection. To offer security within the protection, we offer foam trays that protect the delicate edges of the miniature items that may get compromised if left to graze with harsh or hard surfaces. They are ideal for fragile jewelry and glass items. Our corrugated inserts are just what your crockery and kitchenware items demand their safekeeping during shipping and handling. These inserts even work as a display holder when they are aptly placed on the retail aisles.

Affordable rates:

The prices offered for our best quality products are already much reduced and are easily affordable to both established and new start-up businesses. However, if things still do not fall under our client’s comfort zone, we offer wholesale and bulk offers that are awe-inspiringly affordable. We promise to deliver the best quality packaging and printing solutions, even if the order quantity is bulk. To make things even more affordable and acquirable, we offer free standard order delivery to your doorstep if you reside within the United States of America. If you live outside the United States of America, our shipping plans are still minimally priced. We also have an expedited shipping system for people who cannot stand the wait of standard twelve day’s order delivery and want their packages sooner. Expedite shipping is not free even within the United States of America. Ask our help agents about our shipping mechanism to know what you may be offered according to your order specifications. PrintingCircle has been manufacturing diverse and multipurpose insert types that have accommodated many multifaceted products for over two decades now. Our premium quality service levels have gained popularity, and our growing and expanding number of happy clientage is evidence of our hard work and dedication to our cause. We strive to serve our clients most comprehensively, so they do not feel the need to look out for any other printing or packaging vendor once they have done business with us.