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Candle Boxes

Quick Overview

Candle boxes are usually medium-sized square boxes. The shape and size can set according to the candles inside them.  There are four to two bottom panels that close in unison to form a solid base. They are glued together to protect the products from falling. The upper lid is tucked in for closure. The side panels are double layered to provide extra protection against shock. There are inners to restrict the movement of the candles inside so that they lose shape or make noise. Dust and impure air stay away because of the top dust flaps. Window panes can also be added on the front to increase product visibility. These boxes are shaped through the processes of scoring, perforation, die-cutting, and gluing. The substrates can be eco-friendly Kraft paper, cardstock, bux board, and 10 points to 28 points flute corrugated paper that weighs from 60lbs to 400lbs.

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Product Description

Captivating Designs Ideas For Custom Candle Boxes

Their application is attached to some of the most critical days in our lives. Think of weddings. A gift needs to be as attractive and beautiful as possible. There should be no holding back when it comes to designing for candles box packaging. For designers, candle boxes are their favorites. They are allowed maximum leverage for these boxes, and rightfully so. We offer free design support also. Clients have the chance to come in direct contact with our designing experts and come up with the final look of their custom candle boxes.

Matte and gloss lamination, matte varnish and gloss varnish, spot UV with matte lamination and spot UV with matte varnish are the options for the coating of the boxes. Spot UV is quite the rage these days for the packaging of products that allow the freedom of expressing anything through designs. Spot UV is quite the rage these days for packaging of products that allow the freedom of expressing anything through designs. These items include cosmetic items and candle boxes. For better branding, a good strategy can be to select a color that has been used in the market all. I order to do that, whatever your product is, check for the aisle where that product is available and scan for more prominent color schemes. A bright and bold color will help you to get the eyes on your product more than the dull ones. The color also has to reflect your company vision and the type of market it caters to. All this is simplified with our design team at your disposal. Who, with their vast experience and the extensive library will help you to finalize the design and also make the process as exciting as possible.

Customer Order us, We Print it and Delivered On-Time

Our printing qualities are top notch and the best in the current landscape. The team of dedicated and committed staff that we have is tremendous assets to us, and they ensure that anything that is delivered is laced with the best designs. This is only possible if the printing is up to the mark. Our printing techniques are offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing. The printing process is usually quick. Right before the beginning, we arrange mockups for our clients, and if that does not help in clarifying the doubts, environmental sampling can also be conducted. Changes can still be made.

Our printing process is carefully structured in a way that usage if harmful materials and chemicals have been eliminated. We use sustainable materials and substrates that are recyclable and reusable. We take our responsibility very seriously towards environmental preservation, and we are always in the process of speeding up our drive for increased usage of sustainable materials.

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

Something that is often overlooked in our industry. We place maximum emphasis on better customer support. After all, it is the customer support that makes long term relationships. Printing Circle delivers world-class quality to its customers, and our customer support center is the best that creates an excellent experience for the customers. It is a practice that will always compel the customers to come back for more. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and our vast client base is proof of that. We offer free shipping to our customers. Unless a request has been made to accelerate the process, we don’t charge anything. Our free design support ensures that customers are delivered what they want. There are no die-cutting or plate charges in the final costs. Customers can ask for environmental sampling before giving the go-ahead. To sum it all up, our operations leave little to no room for anything that can cause any discomfort for the customers. Our unparalleled service makes us the perfect option. Get your fancy candle boxes created through Printing Circle.

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