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4 Corner Tray With Lid

Quick Overview

Choosing to package for products that make them outstand the crowd has always been a tough task. It is even tougher now because the competition of providing the latest, trending, and exclusive packaging designs has increased. But what we prefer is the packaging that not only increases our revenue but also proves to be beneficial in protecting our products against any damage. The best solution for this purpose is the four corner tray with lid boxes. These boxes look similar to six corner boxes. There are two glued flaps on the lid but only two glued flaps on the tray while no glue on both of the middle closure flap. These boxes are ideal for the packaging of cakes, frozen food items, electronics, and household goods. These boxes also belong to the family of display boxes because the products incased could be displayed for maximum appeal. Commonly manufactured and shipped in flat form but can be easily assembled into its original shape. The first thing you are going to take in the assembling of the flat carton into your desired box is to lift the already glued flat folder lid. Continue with flipping over the two side panels of the tray to a vertical position. Now, fold in two dust flaps of the tray. Fold up adhered lids. Finally, fold down the lid and cover the tray.

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Product Description

Customization and Printing of 4 Corner Tray With Lid:

Designing of the multipurpose box is a complex task, and expertise is required to make a plain box into something extraordinary. The professional team of is well aware of designing boxes that make your product outstand the crowd in the market and automatically draw the attention of most of the buyers. We use the latest idea, techniques, and suggestions given by our clients in the designing of your boxes. Your box is your property, and we let you design it yourself. If you want to add your product’s image, brand name, logo, or any detail you want to add to increase the advertising feature of your box. Design your boxes with your own unique design and templates. Our designers are capable of making hundreds of designs for each of your products, and you can select one of them. If you have a design in your mind and you want it to be placed on the outer layer of your box, our designers will help you in bringing your imagined designs into reality. is your most economical choice of professionally designed four corner tray with lid boxes. Our printing technologies are the identification of our organization. We offer various printing services that include offset, digital, and screen printing technologies. You can select any of the mentioned printing technology in the manufacturing of your boxes without exceeding your budget. We provide the best printed four corner trays with lids boxes for you.

Quality Finishing and Customized Product Packaging

You can select your desired finishing of matte for dull effects, gloss for sparkling, and smooth or Spot UV for both effects on your customized product packaging. Add your desired window cut out to let your consumer have a look at what is placed inside the box. You can customize your box into any size, shape, design, and color. You can also add your desired perforated lines and die cuts. We take the authority of providing brilliantly customized four corner trays with lid boxes.

Additional services:

We are providing several free services that include free designing support, customization, die cuts, and printing plates. This step is taken to let you avail of our every service without exceeding your budget. We want to make it possible for you to start your business even with a lower budget. We have also minimized the least number of orders to one hundred from five hundred boxes. We also provide free shipping services everywhere in the world, with the shortest turnaround duration of a minimum of twelve to fifteen working days. Not just this, we also offer the fastest, advanced yet cheapest expedite shipping services, which let you get your order delivered to your doorstep within six business days. 

Quality Packaging and Best Cardboard Material Used For Manufacturing

Unlike other tray designs in which the lid has to be larger than the bottom, PrintingCirclse’s customized four corner tray with lid cardboard packaging boxes have a distinctive tray which ensures the bottom and the top remain the same size during production. Our production takes extra care of every packaging product that we produce. Our services are known for their perfection in every aspect of producing quality packaging products. Our designing team is competent in providing numerous solutions for the designing need for one product. Our customer care representatives are available round the clock to accommodate you in every phase manufacturing the quality products for you at the lowest prices. We are looking for all the possible ways of satisfying our consumers and make them feel appreciated by providing additional services.



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