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Straight Tuck End

Quick Overview

Straight tuck end boxes are rectangular boxes that can carry many items. There are narrow side panels with broader front and rear panels. There are dust flaps at both ends for protection against dust and impure air so that items inside are safe from impurities. There is one main closure panel that is attached from one side and is supposed to be tucked in from the other side. These custom straight tuck end boxes are shipped flat. The default process includes die-cutting, perforation, scoring, and gluing. These techniques help the boxes come into shape. Straight tuck end boxes can be made from corrugated paper, eco-friendly Kraft paper, and cardstock and bux board paper. These printed straight tuck end boxes are shipped flat and can be assembled easily. The coating is done through techniques such as matte varnish, matte lamination, glossy varnish, and glossy lamination. Spot UV is also used as a coating technique.

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Product Description

Get Free Design Support Straight Tuck End Box Manufacturing

Not everyone comes to us with knowledge of designing. Some even consider designing to be an insignificant part of the packaging. It is our job to convey the importance of design in the packaging to such type of customers. Coloring of the boxes is genuinely vital for marketing purposes. We can both go with a bold and definitive stance with the colors and select a bright and in your face color, such as, or we can choose a color that will help in creating a low profile. There is a complete science behind colors and their effects on consumer behavior. Colors have a persuasion power that can be amplified through the proper usage of smart combinations. There are different labeling options that we have at  Debossing and embossing and raised ink, gold foiling, silver foiling, and copper are some of the types that you can go for. Foiling texts are a viable option if their product is aimed at high-end customers. An urban look and feel are incomplete without either gold or silver foiling. Copper is a little visible than gold or silver, but if used with the right background color, its prominence can be significantly increased. The finishing and coating techniques that we offer are mate varnish, matte lamination, gloss varnish, and gloss lamination and spot UV technique. Spot UV is relatively and can be seen on mobile phone packaging.

High-Quality Printing Services

We are continually trying to learn from our experiences and market trends so that we can improve our existing infrastructure. We aspire to provide packaging of the highest quality. Our printing techniques include offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing. Offset printing churns out high quality printed images. It is also quite cheaper as compared to other printing techniques such as digital printing if we factor in the volume that can be printed out. It is also a faster printing technique and is ideal for high volume projects. The printing plates are quite inexpensive. These benefits are enough to make it a favorite of packaging business owners. Similarly, the other techniques have their own set of characteristics, and all these are used accordingly as per the requirements of the job.

We also have mechanisms in place that make sustainable packaging possible. Our efforts are directed towards ensuring quality with recyclable and durable materials so that we can run our business as per the local, state, and federal laws.

Buy Wholesale Boxes at Competitive Prices

We make sure to provide a memorable experience to our customers. From the quality of the services that we offer to customer support, we realize that we have a lot of room for making a long-lasting impression on customers, so we try our best to make the whole experience as fulfilling and as prosperous as possible. We offer free design support for the reason that customers feel accommodated. We not only provide service s but we also assist them along the way. Our client base has developed into a prominent family because we provide quality, along with the best support possible. There are no die-cut charges. Our shipping is free. We proudly claim to have 100% customer satisfaction.



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