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Game Boxes

Quick Overview

By redesigning the rigid boxes, the gaming industry has come up with a generalized way to sell their games. The products might include gaming gadgets, CDs, or other items relevant to gaming. The items can be cumbersome and require excellent material for their production. This is the reason the game boxes are made from thick suitable quality materials. These boxes have two large walls with four smaller tabs that have to be combined together in a specific formation to form a shape. One large wall becomes a base, and all the other tabs are folded around it. There are folding extensions on the top and bottom lids of the box that are flipped and tucked in the space near the front wall to lock the box altogether. Organizations provide boxes with handles to carry the product easier.

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Product Description

Get Attractive Game Boxes:

Made from the best printing technologies like Offset and digital, our Game boxes for sale are of the top-notch quality. The customer can have simple printing, picture printing or stencil printing done on the outside of the box. This can make them make one of a kind and attract the customer in the long run. Several alternatives to craft products give our clients a free hand in thinking out of the box. Our design team eagerly comprehends the ideas in the user's mind, and then that idea is formulated by using modern printing techniques.

The unfavorable shipping and marketing conditions require that good coloring schemes are used in the production. CMYK and PMS shading systems are two of the best ways to materialize retail products. On the one hand, the combination of 4 primary colors like cyan, black, yellow and magenta gives good color quality while on the other hand, PMS provides a shading chart with perse hues to ensure correct color implementation on the box. Our wholesale boxes are produced in bulk that guarantees unified coloring and designing of the box. The characters of a game might have unique shades that call for a good coloring technology to be used for their printing.

Attract your Buyer Using Custom Printed Game Boxes:

We want our purchasers to be the leaders in their field of work and to be famous among the crowd. The buyer must be attracted to the product. There are no shortcuts to make the consumer like your product, so it comes down to hard and skill to be creative in your marketing. Using nifty and trendy production techniques, quality material, efficient styles, and fashionable accessories can set a guideline to generate good designing ideas.

Our design team is working persistently to serve our clients and to help them out. This free facility is valuable for our buyers as they can get an idea about what styling options we are providing at our firm. To give a general overview here are some of the ways to make your product shine.

  1. Use perse types of laminations like gloss and matt. This subtle change in the surface of the new box from the regular cases tells a unique story to the purchasers and attracts them towards it. Combining both techniques gives the gaming case a versatile look.
  2. Some products like footballs, gaming cards, and remote controls might need a visual aid then windows can be cut out on the packaging. Without exposing the product thoroughly, this smart design shows the customer what they are about to buy.
  3. If it is necessary, some artwork, logo or sketch related to the company or the gaming product can also be printed on the box using spot UV technique. This method uses ultraviolet rays to crave designs on a particular spot.
  4. Embossing and debossing patterns, quotes or logos on the box are a practical way to market any product. The look and feel of the craving feel useful to the buyers. 
  5. Die cutting is a technology that uses sharp dies to cut the cardboard into different shapes. This can be used to shape the box according to the game.
  6. Adding shine and glimmer to the box makes them striking and strengthen a buyer's decision to take the said product home. Not only that, but this might also make them come for the product regularly. We provide multi-colored foiling papers that can help our customers in this case. Kids find such shenanigans amusing, so using them on their games might attract some young buyers.
  7. Make the shopper stop at your product. Using a flat view and 3D printing designs make the product style unique. This physical sampling option can be provided on request to the clients. Boardgame packaging is more suitable for this style. The flat surface of the box gives space for big-sized pictures to be printed.

We Are Here For You!

Looking forward to solving your printing problems, PrintingCircle strives to become the right solution in the market. Our eco-friendly custom game boxes made in the environment-friendly atmosphere are a source of 100% buyer satisfaction. We tend to provide our clients with the facility of charging no fees for the die cuts or plates used in the production of the custom packaging. Manufacture a personalized box with adjusted design, print, and style to fit your product.

Starting our range from 100 boxes in order, we make shipping free for our clients. The product can reach its destination within a week of ordering. The days are only limited to business days. Our rush delivery services can always be acquired for customer convenience.

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