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Double Wall Tuck Front

Quick Overview

Double Wall Tuck Front is a non-adhesive packaging that protects the items inside and ensures their safety. It consists of a stiff plate with a moveable lid on the top that is divided into two short quarter circle panels. These panels can be infused in their dedicated slots which enhances the protection of the items. The design of these boxes is similar to the conventional box which is used commonly around the world. But the moveable lids make it different from them. It is used to keep the lightweight items safe while transporting and even for storing the items. This box is customizable in size, and style. It is very easy in assembling. It is shipped in flat, unassembled shape so that it does not lose the original shape during the shipment. However, it can be assembled manually with as easy as five steps. The material used in manufacturing this box is eco-friendly, reusable cardboard.

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Product Description

Adopt fashionable packaging

The packaging of some items which are to be used time and again needs to be sturdy and Double Wall Tuck Front is the right packaging solution for such items. It is easy in opening and the lockable lids, with cherry locks on both sides, of the box ensure that your items inside remain safe from sun light, dust and breakage due to shocks. It is a fashionable packaging solution for your products such as fruits, clothes, toys, cosmetics and accessories alike. It is an ideal packaging solution for cargo. Even for some heavy weight items, such boxes can be used. We at manufacture this type of boxes with high quality material which not only keeps your items safe but also gives them a trendy look.

Variety in style

The Design of Double Wall Tuck Front enables you to test your artistic imaginations to the limit. There are two basic designs available for such boxes. One opens from the top in horizontal shape while the other opens in a vertical shape. The side locks are available in both types to enhance the protection of the product. These boxes can also be used to display the product at the mall or a stall.

Let your product be known

The Printed Double Wall Tuck Front is another mode you can get. It gives the box an entirely fresh look. With your company’s name printed on the top of the box, your product can be identified from a distance very easily. It will enhance the marketability of the product you will put inside it. The name of the company, product description or the unique characteristics of the product can make it easy for the consumers to choose your product from other products of same kind. The printing style can be varied from product to product. Some products need engraved or embossed printing style, while some look more appealing in the traditional way. There are also some products which should be packed in a box with glossy printing on it. Apart from that, you can give us your own customized font to get it printed, in case if your product has a specific font style. All of these styles of printing are available at PrintingCircle. We are using top notch modern techniques to manufacture these boxes.

Get the box you need

The size and style of these packaging boxes is totally customizable. From Custom Double Wall Tuck Front you can have the freedom of choosing the dimensions of your own choice which are right for your items. At PrintingCircle there are no hidden charges for customized size or style.

Let us be the help

Since customer satisfaction is the most important for us, we at PrintingCircle take every customer as unique and special for us. If you are having any confusion in choosing the right design or style for your packaging, let our squad of professionals help you in this regard. We will be pleased to assist you in any way.

Marvelous quality at affordable rates

We are gratified to deal the best quality at the most competitive rates you can come across. These reasonable rates go even lower on special occasions and you can get special discount as well.

Doorstep delivery

At PrintingCircle we offer free yet quick cargo of every order we get. Worldwide free delivery is available on order of just 100 pieces. Once you confirm your order our enthusiastic team starts working with high efficiency to complete it as soon as possible. Usually it takes 10 up to 12 business days for us to complete the order and get it delivered.

We are hopeful that your experience with PrintingCircle will be the best you would ever get and we will be pleased to be your packaging solutions partner in the future as well. 

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