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Die Cut Boxes

Quick Overview

Made with good quality cardboard, die cut boxes are a decorative way to display your items. These boxes are categorized as rigid boxes and shape of each box changes according to the requirement. Latest cuts and designs can be created with the help of die cut machines that give them a unique formation and a distinctive look. These boxes are made of 4 walls that are attached to a base. All the side flaps are adjustable and lockable in their neighboring walls. Fitting the tabs together gives it a shape that is capable of holding items in it. One of the flaps forms a top lid that covers the box completely and provides security to the item inside. There are different ways that can be implemented to lock the box. These boxes also come with window cuts on them that can enhance their beauty and increase their efficiency.

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Product Description

Best Designing and Printing Techniques for Die Cut Boxes has mastered the production of these boxes. After years of experience and understanding of manufacturing techniques, our dedicated team has been able to list down a set of designing technologies that are mostly used in the market. High functioning clients and organizations prefer to use these styles to make their product noteworthy at the selling stalls. Our firm has installed the latest machines that can produce die-cut boxes of the finest qualities. Depending on the theme of the product, the lamination of the packaging can vary. It can either have a gloss or matt finishing that can highlight the features of the packaging. Furthermore, clients can have embossing and debossing done for their products to make them stand out. Foiling is another option that is available for decoration.

You might want to decorate a certain part of your packaging. For this, you can use the Spot UV technique. You can carve a specified with the help of ultra-violet rays. If a customer requests, the option of multiple physical sampling is also available for the customer. To make our boxes one of a kind, we have introduced the latest printing techniques in our system. Offset printing is a simple printing technique that creates wonders on packages. Digital printing is aided by technological equipment like a computer. They are used to give printing instructions to it. Finally, screen printing can be used with stencils that can create patterns on the surface. Printed die-cut boxes are manufactured with schemes that are of exceptional quality. A box has to go through rough ways to reach their final destinations, and, significantly, they are created with colors that do not wither over time. Techniques like CMYK and PMS give these boxes an extra touch of excellence.

Create Your Own Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes

Our firm provides you with a Die-cut box template that can prove beneficial for the creation of your box. Companies are always seeking ways to ensure that the box they create is individual and attractive for targeted buyers. For this, it is deemed necessary to be innovative and mature with your product packaging design. The templates that we provide are like a guideline that can help you. These packages are a great way in which companies can design their own custom boxes as per the industry standards. If more instructions or assistance is required, than we are readily providing design support for our clients. It is a free service that can be acquired by our clientele.

Buy Wholesale Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Die cut boxes manufacturers have to verify that the boxes are within the buying range of the clients. We make sure that the no plate or die cut charges are billed to the customer. This cuts down the cost a great deal. You can have your dream packaging without making it tough for your finances. To have uniformity in the bulk products, our recommended wholesale die cut packaging boxes deals are always up for grabs. These boxes can be customizable and can differ in style, size, and design. Pergence from the traditional designs gets noticed by the general buyer, and in turn, it makes your custom printed box appreciated and accepted in the market.

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Printing Circle offers environmentally friendly and recyclable boxes material, and this is making our organization famous. Manufacturing of distinct and high-quality Die-cut packaging by following the latest techniques of the production sets us apart from the other companies in the market. Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction, we do not leave any stone unturned to achieve the set goal. Shipping also gets more manageable if you are shopping with us. Free shipping starts from 100 boxes for our prestigious clients. You can have your order with you in a week of placing the order. If you want your Custom die-cut boxes even before that, we entertain our buyers with rush-hour services as well.

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