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Corrugated Boxes

Quick Overview

These eco-friendly corrugated boxes are the most commonly used in the market. Corrugated boxes have four flaps on the top and bottom end. When you do not have to use these boxes or they have to be shipped from one place to another, then they can be folded completely and efficiently. To recompile them all, you need to do is close the flaps on end and secure them with masking tape. This way, the box forms a shape and becomes legible to hold any item inside. Fold the top four tabs after the filling of the box to secure the things. The shape of these boxes can differ from one style to another, depending on the article that needs to be shipped, carried, or stored. Boxes are made of think material and big. Boxes' thick material maintains their shape and prevents the destruction. Sometimes these boxes can be equipped with handles on either side of the box for an easy commute.

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Product Description

Customization Process of Corrugated Boxes

The excellent quality of the material used for the production of these corrugated cardboard cases makes them easy to personalize. As these boxes can be used to contain the gifts, clothes, crockery, cooked food, stationery, and many other items, it demands to be presented uniquely. The way they are produced depends on the way they are to be used in the future. This is why the use of personalization becomes a good way to make them stand out in the market that is flowing with similar products. The use of laminations, spot UV technique, foiling, embossing and die cutting make it possible for the customers to get creative in their production process. If you want to let the item on inside be displayed without exposing the complete article, then it is possible to have the box window-cut. The PVC packaging technique makes a good option for marketing the product in a more effective way. Corrugated cardboard boxes can become a customized packaging with their style, shape or design, etc. We use the latest coloring techniques and printing technologies to increase the quality of the box design. CMYK and PMS for coloring along with digital and screen technology for printing are implemented in the processing.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging is Protective For Shipping Order

Corrugated cardboard packaging is a preferred choice for many customers as they are easy to ship. When the customer orders wholesale boxes, with the minimum quantity of 100 boxes, the shipping is made free for the client. PrintingCircle knows the value of the time and money our clients are investing in the orders they place. Our care for the customers it the reason we try to leave expensive traditional ways behind. Our firm presents a lot of ways to save the money of the client in every best way possible. There will be no die-cut and plate charges that are used in the designing process.

Personalization Your Custom Printed corrugated boxes

Make sure that the product you have spent so much thinking about gets engineered in the same way as well. Our designers are putting in their best efforts to understand the exact dimensions and designing of the box you require. Custom corrugated packaging is being produced every day for new customers to help them stand out in the industry. With the use of self-created art, company logos, related pictures, customized calligraphy, and graphics work can be an excellent way to ensure that the consumer notices your packaging. We also provide the opportunity of letting custom printed corrugated boxes be furnished with a Flat View or be graced with 3D Mock-up. It is up to the customer to acquire this option. These custom corrugated boxes can be made even better as the world of imagination is infinite.

Use Free Templates and Get Creative Design Ideas for Manufacturing of your desired Box

If no creative idea is coming to your aid, then there is always an option to go for the corrugated packaging boxes that we have in our store. This can become a guideline for the design of the item. You can create your corrugated packaging by following the designs that are already available in the market. Our designers and expert team can further work on the idea that you present to make it fit the item you are producing. Like this, the shipping can be made efficient and less costly. This also gives the merchandise an edge in the market.

Choose us and Buy With Confidence

Customer care always comes first for us. We do not stay behind in bringing the best quality product for the industrialists. With the installation of the machinery of high capabilities, we are working around the clock to produce a good quality item. Being the leading corrugated packaging manufacturers in the market, we tend to bring the best quality products for 100% customer satisfaction. Our corrugated boxes wholesale offers are accessible on the wallets of our clients and make it possible for them to be innovative and productive in their orders. Corrugated cardboard boxes created by us can be received with 4-6 days from the time of ordering. Printing Circle provides the best products.

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