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Business Card Boxes

Quick Overview

Business card boxes are small-sized boxes that are used for carrying and holding business cards. There is a base at the bottom, and then there is a separate lid that comes over the top to protect against dust, water, and air. The base has walls on all four sides so that the cards do not fall by the sides.  A groove on two sides of the lids provide better grip; these boxes can be made, from 10 points to 28 points e flute corrugated paper that weighs 60 lbs to 400 lbs. Bux board paper, cardstock or eco-friendly Kraft paper. The process that shapes these boxes includes techniques such as scoring, perforation and die cutting and gluing. With advanced designing and printing techniques, these boxes can be made in any shape and size, keeping in mind the application of these printed business card boxes.

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Product Description

Personalized Business Card Boxes

There are countless options if you consider the enormity of the art field. There are many colors and then there infinite combinations that you can make out of them. Finding the right balance and the right designs and colors for your packaging can be a very time taking task if you do not have expert support. We offer free design support to create ease for the customers.

There are various tools to get the colors on your custom business card boxes. The coating can be done through matte and gloss lamination, matte varnish, and gloss varnish, spot UV in combination with either matte varnish or matte lamination. Then there are the labeling styles. We offer raised ink and gold and silver foiling. Embossing and debossing techniques can be combined with these styles. You can adjust the additional text, for example, return policy and fine print. The sender and recipient names can also be added. If we talk specifically about the business card boxes, then the company logo and a label that tells what is inside is enough. However, this is a matter of choice.

Top of The Grade Printing

Our printing techniques include offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing. These three printing techniques that we offer are suitable for different types of requirements. Offset printing has its benefits. It is cost-effective If there is a volume of the material that needs to be printed, then an offset is a way to go. It is also faster than other techniques. Since it is quicker and more efficient, the costs are automatically reduced. This technique also provides better image quality than other technologies. Digital printing also has its benefits. There are better color matching capabilities since it is inbuilt in the system. The options for available colors are even better than physical printing. Screen printing is known for being far longer lasting than other techniques. There is a thick layer of ink that is used to make up texts and designs. If this technique is used for clothes and fabric, the design will stay for a more extended period than with any other technology. All these techniques are used for different purposes, and our experts make the decision. This stage starts when the design has been finalized upon. There are free mockups conducted before orienting begins for the final tally. A customer can get a better idea if he/she gets the chance to inspect a model, which is a solid sample piece that can be shown to the customer if requested.

Why Printing Cricle USA ?

We can say this with happiness that our reviews are 100% positive. We focus on 100% customer satisfaction which is one of the main reasons why people believe in us. Combine impeccable customer service with top-notch quality, commitment with dedication and you have a winning combination. This combination has sustained us for such a long time in the market, and we intend to keep this trend going forward. Printing Circle offers free shipping with a turnaround time of 10 to 12 working days. We don't charge die-cut and plate charges in the final cost.

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