How To Overcome The Problems Of Auto Bottom Display Lid Boxes 5 Tips

The world is full of surprises and you don't know what you can encounter at the very next moment. With millions of surprises being introduced in the market, a person cannot predict what he can find in the market. Since the products are flowing through the market. That is why these products need proper packaging and here the packaging industry comes in with all of its might. The packaging industry ensures that every new product in the market has a new and distinctive kind of packaging associated with it. But if we talk about the OTC products then nothing can beat the auto bottom display lid boxes.

The auto bottom display lid boxes are being used for packaging of the products for many years but now their use has been increased by manifolds. Since these boxes can be assembled with the utmost ease and have a lock fixated at the bottom of the box. This makes them unique from the rest of the packaging options in the market.

The design of these boxes is very unique and they have this unique quality that the lid of these boxes can be folded up from the middle where a crease is present and then the whole box presents a flat shape. The box can also be packed again with a simple refolding.


These auto bottom display lid boxes have the perfect design and can be found in almost every shape and size with the dimensions that can be dictated by the customer.

These custom auto bottom display lid boxes are prepared from the eco-friendly material to make them recyclable and less harmful to the environment. With different types of coatings such as Gloss and matte, they are available in the market. Their designs offer different customizations such as window cutting out and different kinds of foiling. These characteristics make these auto bottom display lid boxes the best one in the market.


If you are encountering some issues while using this custom box with a lid then you must follow the tips and the guidelines mentioned below:

  • In order to provide more compact storage, the auto bottom display lid boxes provide a flat shape to provide more area but they can also be packed again by refolding the lid from the crease in the middle.
  • If you are not getting the proper marketing results that you intend to gain from the use of the auto bottom display lid boxes then you must go for the customization of these boxes. This will help you in achieving your desired results.
  • If you are wondering about the security of the products then you should simply lock the bottom flaps and your products will be secured inside. You don't have to worry about them at all.
  • The customers may have issues during the assembly of these boxes but it is not rocket science at all. They can easily be assembled with the auto-lock bottom and with the foldable lid.
  • If you are wondering about the use of these auto bottom display lid boxes then you should know that they are the best one for over the counter display products.

These auto bottom display lid boxes come with lots of advantages. Some of these advantages have been enlisted below to enhance your knowledge regarding these boxes:

  • Unlike the other printed products, they are unique in nature and their design is different from almost all of the packaging options available in the market.
  • These boxes are extremely cost-effective and serve the purpose they are intended to with full devotion. You will find your money justified once you have witnessed their benefits.
  • These boxes have an innovative design and have the quality to catch the eyes of the customers and attract them towards themselves.
  • They are very reliable if we want to provide protection for our products. They do not let any harm reach the products.
  • These boxes are perfectly easy to assemble and can be transported with extreme ease.
  • They provide compact storage for the products and can turn into a flat shape revealing the products. In this way, they are perfect for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that are intended to be displayed on the counter.
  • These boxes have the tendency to be customized in any manner the customer demands. This increases their chances to thrive in the market.
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