Cardboard Costume Ideas for Halloween that Your Kids will Love

Cardboard boxes are known for their strength and durability mainly. These are capable of ensuring foolproof protection of the commodities in the best possible manner. They can also have additional insulations and laminations to get enhanced protective capacities. The best thing is that they pose no harmful implications on the surrounding environment due to being sustainable. Their manufacturing is completed with the help of eco-friendly practices only. Apart from providing protection, they also help in an elegant presentation of the products. They have innovative displays, best-looking color combinations, and perfect designs. There is no limit to the availability of a large number of sizes and shapes either. They can have matte or gloss UV finishing styles to have a premium feel about themselves. They are affordable and can also help in running marketing campaigns for a business.

31st October is Halloween day, and the people are planning their best to look unique and spooky using custom costumes. However, it is not that difficult to make a costume of your own. You can get it done by cutting down the cardboard boxes into different shapes. The internet is full of multiple ideas that are easy to apply and will help you get the best Halloween costume ideas for your kids.

Start with a Haunted House Made for Halloween Cardboard Boxes

One of the most trending Halloween costume ideas for your kids is the option of going with a b haunted house look. You need 2-3 cardboard packaging solutions for this purpose. Place these boxes with a bit of space between them and then join them together with the help of glue. To add a chimney to your haunted house, you can cut the upper portion in shape accordingly. No home is complete, with a couple of windows at the front. You can draw it or go with the transparent packaging that may serve the purpose of having windows. The costume is ready. Kids having the look of a haunted house will make them stand out at the event with ease.

Pumpkin is a Must

Brown and orange color Halloween pumpkins are extremely popular with the kids. It can be an excellent idea to design a costume for the children following the event. It is easy to make as you need a cardboard material with a cutting tool. Cut down the board in a pumpkin shape. Follow it by wrapping sheets of brown and orange colors to give it a more realistic look.

Try a Skeletal Costume

Now you can make these costumes on your own. One idea is to make your kids wear a skeletal costume. Just go to the storage area of your house and pick out the discarded cardboard boxes. Arrange them and cut them in the desired costume shape with proper measurements. Start with giving a darker shade for the base color. Now you need to test your drawing skills. You should draw the skeletal image on the box and let your kids wear such a costume to look different.

Witch Costume

If you are looking to get the spookiest of costumes for your kid, you can always go with the option of a witch costume. It is a symbol of horror that is linked explicitly with the Halloween celebrations. Cut down a cardboard box to give it a shape of a hat. You can also draw spooky illustrations on a T-shirt. Then, place a broom in the hands of your daughter, and you are all set to give your child the best-looking Halloween costume.

Go With a Hot Air Balloon

Let’s get out of horrific and spooky costumes for a while. You can also give your kid a more relaxed look by having an outfit that looks like a hot air balloon. You can go with multiple attractive-looking color combinations as these will grab the attention of your kids. Cut the box, paint it in a rainbow texture, add a hot air balloon to the box, and the costume is ready to give your kid a distinguished look at the Halloween celebrations.

It turns out that you can come up with Halloween-based costumes for your children by using the simplest of techniques. Some of the ideas are discussed in the above lines to give you something to start your brainstorming. You can even use your own unique and creative ideas to help your kids stand out at the Halloween celebrations this year.

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