Lip Gloss Boxes: 6 Mistakes Your Making Without Even Realizing It

Lip gloss boxes are one of the best solutions when you talk about attracting customers from the presentation of the product. These packages provide a number of qualities and features. But some manufacturers are not utilizing them completely. Here are some of the mistakes that you make while using this packaging solution.

Not giving the transparency:

Having transparency in your package allows the customer to see your product from outside the box. This will create a trustful relationship between you and your customer. Plus, it will help the customer in instant purchasing decisions without messing and opening up the package. Lip gloss boxes come with a window panel inside them, through which your customer can have a distinctive look at your product. As cosmetics is an industry in which visual appearance matters a lot, that is why these packages have these windows in their middle in an attractive way so that it will not leave its attractive way out from it.

Wasting money on other promotional ways:

If you have a newly started business and do not have enough investment to waste it on different solutions, it is necessary for you to take steps that can save you money and also provide the same facility as the costly solution. There are different techniques available out there to advertise your brand, like creating promotional videos, ads, posters, or social media marketing.

But these techniques are highly expensive. But if you are using custom lip gloss boxes as your packaging solution, why are you not utilizing it? Use different printing techniques like offset, digital, and screen printing to imprint your company motive, information, product specification, engaging content, and emboss your company logo on the packages to promote your brand without wasting money on the other techniques. In this way, you will get the same advertisement that you desire or need at the price of cosmetic boxes.

Choosing unsustainable packaging:

Social media has brought a lot of information about environment harming factors and global warming to the customers; that is why they want their product to be sustainable so that it would not have any effect on the environment. Plastic has proven to be harmful when heated because of the radiation that it emits; also, it is non-biodegradable.

custom packaging

But if you use printed lip gloss boxes as your solution, you do not have to worry about that. Because of the production materials like corrugated, cardboard, and stock papers, they are totally biodegradable, recyclable and can easily decompose after some time of usage. That is how you can get satisfied customers and a healthy environment as well.

Not utilizing their custom nature perfectly:

The custom nature of a box allows you to place your creativity in it. The days with ordinary looking and dull color packaging have long gone. Try to present something new in the market if you wanted your customers to keep their interest in you. In the cosmetic industry, the designing of the product and its packaging matters a lot.

makeup packaging

That is why try to use little graphic skills and different illustrations to make unique designs on your package to match the exact requirement of your product. You can also find custom printed boxes in different online stores. But as every product is unique, we recommend you create your own package.

Compromising about product protection:

Product protection is a factor on which you can never compromise if you want a long-lasting and fruitful business. Customers always prefer those manufacturers who keep the protection to its most. Delivery a product in pieces will not give you that customer again.

product packaging

That is why always use packages that are made from card board boxes, and lip gloss packages are one of them. Their sturdy nature allows them to hold your valuable product firmly during the hard processes of handling and shipment. You can also find foam insertions, standings, sleeves, and place holders so that your lip gloss can be still and do not get any damage from the shocks.

Not selecting the right size:

Not selecting the exact size can cause a lot of damage to your product. For instance, if you choose a big-size makeup packaging for your small product and you deliver or ship it overseas or even for nearby delivery, during the way the shock from the road allows the product to hit the walls of the package, and that can cause breakage to it. That is why it is necessary to choose the size in which you can place your product perfectly. This will allow you to place trust in the heart of your customer regarding your brand.


If you are using lip gloss boxes for selling your cosmetic products, avoiding these mistakes will help you to grow your business in a short period of time. Try to make use of every single quality and feature of these packages to get the maximum boost for your business.


Posted By: Max Leed On