5 Creative Ways by Which You Can Improve Your Custom Packaging

Every now and then comes a new product, and along comes a new packaging that is also becoming as important as the product itself. The trends of the market have changed, and so does the liking of the customers. Today, they observe the packaging along with the product, which is why it is hard to survive with an ordinary plain or simple box. Therefore, design eye-catching custom packaging that elevates the experience of the customers and triggers their purchasing behaviors. Let us expose you to some creative ideas that could prove helpful in augmenting the attractive pull of your packaging.

Freshness on the surface:

People have a remarkable sense of touch, and if there is anything that entices them most after the visual aspects, it is the touch experience. In the contemporary market dynamics, the manufacturers pay all their attention towards the sight sense of the customers and work on improving the visual expressiveness of their custom packaging. However, they must understand that the tactile experience of the people is no less important. Once the customers have been impressed with the visual appeal of the packaging, what is the next step of customers? They are likely to hold the box in their hand and judge its surface and texture. The touch experience tells the visitors whether the box is smooth, sticky, or greasy. Keeping your focus on the sense of touch is not a vague concept. In fact, most of the modern packaging designs are coming with a velvety texture, embossing, debossing, raised UV coating, and soft-touch coating. Use this concept to quickly rank your packaging as high-standard in the competitive market.

Stick to simplicity:

An expert tip while designing the custom packages is to never ever make the customers wonder what your product or brand is all about. While it is good to add a little bit of mystery in your box design, letting the clienteles guess about your original products is a damaging act. During the designing process, it is crucial to stick with simple and minimalist design concepts. When the customers become in contact with your packaging, it will be decided in a few seconds whether your product will keep lying on the shelf or the customers are going to put it in their carts. When your design has too much going on or excessive visual noise, it makes the customers stay away from your product. Minimalism is what you need to follow in the designing process of packaging as it makes everything comprehendible for the target audience with no confusion. Try to use subtle fonts with clear graphics to get word of mouth increased about your box.

Lightness gets appreciated:

It is a universal fact that heavy packages cause a sense of dissatisfaction among the customers. Not just that, an over-weight box is also a threat to the intactness and firmness of the products during the transit process. Yes, there are some items that are heavier, but the custom packages should not add to the overall weight. The best thing is to reduce the consumption of materials being used in the manufacturing of custom packages. Or, one can think of reducing the thickness of the boxes by noticing the delicacy of the items to be packed inside. You might tempt to attach a metal ornament to your custom packages. No doubt, this tactic is influential in making the packages look ravishing, but it would have an impact on the final weight as well. This is something the clients will not appreciate at all since they always look for convenience during the handling process.

Uniqueness with the styles:

While discussing the things such as uniqueness and creativeness in the packaging design, we must magnify our horizon beyond imagination. The term “intelligent packaging” is gaining extensive popularity in the market. What does it mean to devise intelligent packaging? It is the one that brings some sort of convenience to the lives of the customers by resolving one of their most common problems. So, be intelligent and embrace the use of die-cut technology for inducing transparent windows made up from PVC sheets. For a bit more innovation, you can think of varying the shape of the window according to the likings of the customers. This is one of the most intelligent packaging designs since it solves the customers’ problem of seeing the items first before purchasing. Another intelligent design is the incorporation of cardboard-built handles on the top of custom packages; it will make the carrying process more convenient for the target audience.

Utilize color patterns:

Colors are the important design elements that are easy to play with for evoking particular emotions among the target customer base. Other than producing a psychological response, they also reflect the creative side of your business and provide an indication of the personality of your brand. Use the colors that engage the target audience well and make them remember you for a much longer time. The light colors work perfectly in gravitating the feminine buyer’s pool, while the darker hues act as a source of attention for the male target audience. If your product is meant to be sold to a younger audience, the slot in of some bright and high-saturation colors can do wonders for you. So, while deciding on the color combinations for your custom packages, it is imperative for you to use them strategically so as to produce the desired results. A general rule of thumb in this regard is to go with the hues that build a perfect contrast with the background color of custom packages.

As the custom packaging will be your first impression as a brand, use the aforementioned elements to design it. These elements are essential for catching the attention of the clients among an ocean of similar products. They do not just receive attention but also help your business gain competitive sales by encouraging repeat investments from the customers.

Posted By: James Franklin On