5 Awesome Tips About Luxury Boxes From Expert's Experience

Every brand strives to achieve an unmatchable image through their product packages. There is no such defined rules and regulations to make luxury boxes. Let us share 5 awesome tips from experts to make any ordinary item lavish;

Foil stamping

A strategic decision is to use a foil stamping printing technique for your branding. To transform cardboard boxes packages and bring them to life, Foil stamping is a metallic reflective finish that has the required potential to fulfill all requirements of high-end brands. By using them effectively and correctly, you will not only let the packed product capture the interest of consumers from a visual perspective, but it enticing outcomes will encourage them to uniquely engage with your sales products.

Normally, gold and silver are the most common colors that are used for foil stamping. They provide sophistication and safe choice for their consumers. There is a wide range of other colors that you can use to make your product packages appear more interesting and unique. The advantage of using colorful foil stamping is that they give magnificent, metallic solid, pearlescent, and holographic effects on the surfaces of a pack.


Another easy method is to use embossing printing techniques to create a key focal point on custom packaging. You can get the logo of your brand printed to build a trustful image on the minds of consumers to appreciate the details that are highlighted on the surfaces of a box.

You can also keep the whole package simple and design the name of a company on its front or top panel to present itself as more luxurious rather than using an excessive or overcrowded package. Embossing will help you to achieve all criteria of elegance in no time.


Debossing is another useful printing technique that gives a high three-dimensional and in-depth outcome of any printed designs and brings a feeling of sophistication in custom printed boxes. To create a unique, unmistakable, and distinguishable impression of a brand, you can deboss logos, symbol, signs of any company to enhance its branding that every consumer knows and expect from an extravagance brand.

You can match distinctive colors of a box to your brand theme, and by printing the brand identity on top of it will help you to give an established, upmarket, consistent vibe to your business in the whole market.


To create a memorable sense of heightened suspense is the new trend of high-profile brands. By making custom luxury boxes interactive can lead to stronger impressions of a trademark on the mind of the clients. You can customize these boxes in several ways to provide a sense of instant gratifications. For instance, you can add ribbon closures, typographer the top of a box to make an interactive packaging that speaks for itself as well as on behalf of its makers.

Contrast finishes

Lastly, if you want to take things a bit ahead of your competitors, you can use contrast finishes on product packaging to completely change their whole appearance. Contrast finishes do not mean that you will have to apply multiple finishes to product packages to facilitate yourself. By using a spot-UV finish, you can easily achieve a look. It works in a way that it highlights a focus point using gloss finishes while the rest of the box in matte textures. Light interacts with finishes differently.

The only technique is regardless of texture, always make sure that your item is smooth and crisp, have vibrant colors of printed objects, and evenly distributes light across its surfaces without any imperfections. The advantage of spot UV is that it is one of the easiest and cost-effective yet effective ways to make luxury packaging. It will help you give a more luxurious feel to any eye-catching designs by adding an extra dimension and value to the overall package. In the present era, a luxurious brand is said to be the one that provides memorable experiences to its clients. Products that come in lavish packages are easy to understand, maintain the originality of a packed item, are easy to carry and handle, and have textural feel are a few elements of superior packaging that are mostly liked and appreciated by customers as well as by experts.

Posted By: Max Leed On