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Back Drops

Quick Overview

Backdrops are the printed sheets that are used to give different backgrounds in a photo shoot or events as well. The texture or a view printed in either flat view or 3D form is the easy way to save money rather than to go out and reserve a place for a photo shoot, instead, backdrops serve the same purpose. They are printed on a number of materials such as canvas, muslin, vinyl, and seamless paper. The length of one backdrop is 6-7 foot for portrait purpose only and if full body length is required, the backdrop should be 12-15 feet long and width remains same that is 8-9 feet, mostly they are found in professional studios. Seamless paper in this procedure gives large and non-reflecting background surface. However, made of partially thick and heavy material, the canvas has been famous among backdrops from earlier times. Backdrop gives one advantage of storage that it can be rolled when not in use. This helps in obtaining different views under one roof.

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Product Description

Backdrops Printing

Backcloth is another term for the backdrop. These hanging backgrounds have helped to bring ease to photographers. Going out and looking for the perfect view, takes time, journey and most importantly money. To save your precious time, just like backdrops have been useful, PrintingCircle is also trying to provide you the best smooth result with our printing services. Printing has its quality standards as well. We offer a number of printing styles, but we also make sure to give you relaxation. That is why we have the top-ranked best technologies here to maintain your trust in us. Photo backdrops and props help to get one click worth the several clicks that give a realistic effect. Props are different shapes made from paper and are printed as well to provide a natural look, lips, features, caps or other products can be made with this method.

Custom Printed Backdrops

Printing has gone to a total next level thing now. An object drawn and an object printed gives a huge difference, even though they are made of paper. We offer 3D mockup to bring life to the image. The views from famous spots, worldwide, are not difficult to approach now. Digital printing, screen printing and offset printing are providing variety in the same field according to your need. Fashion shows, red carpet, live concerts, and other live events use backdrops for decoration and their promotion as well.

Paper Backdrops

Talking about backgrounds, there are two types, paper backdrops, and fabric backdrops. If the purpose is the same, you should choose wisely. In fabric backdrops, the fabric is used, but due to the nature of the fabric, it folds and gives a lumpy look if not draped over the surface. On the other hand paper backdrops are easy to hang and to roll after the work is done. One more attractive point is that the paper is very easy to get printed.

Why PrintingCircle

PrintingCircle is a vast printing network, providing its services to share your burden. We have massive technologies working on printing images and context, giving a realistic effect and keeping up to your requirement. Printing is one beneficial way to promote your name. We have low rates and discounted prices for you. Visit us and place your order today.

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